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Xion I understnd why she doesn't control anything, but why Zexion?


I get it noe.

They were killed before 3.


But that doesn't make any sense since we also killed Larxene and Marluxia in the Castle and their Nobodies are still around.

I feel like this gif every time I try to rationalize some shit in Kingdom Hearts:

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Here is what music genre I imagine fits almost every known Kingdom Hearts character.

Sora: electronic dance music in general (especially music genres with a four on the floor beat like trance, house, hardcore, hands up, dance-pop and techno)
Riku: rock
Kairi: pop
Roxas: rock
Axel: punk
Xion: classical
Ventus: pop
Terra: classical
Aqua: pop
Vanitas: punk
Ansem: classical
Xemnas: rock
Xehanort: classical
Namine: classical
Strelitzia: rock
Yozora: rock
Chirithy: chillout

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Yo, there was a flash game on the old official Kingdom Hearts 2 website back in '07 that let you play in Twilight Town, right?

I just keep remembering the interactable keychain.

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