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I mean for all we know that concept might go away in a possible reboot, perhaps characters in Disney Worlds would have acknowledged there are other worlds this around but the catch is the means to get to them are still a mystery and a secret or the method to get to them has been long lost in time. I'm pretty sure they will keep the significance of keyblade welders and the ability to travel to other worlds still closely tied though

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With how many gamers scream at jump scares, we'd have an infinite amount of energy. And with comedians, if they're actually funny, you got a power plant in the form of open mic nights and funny videos. Not to mention how easy it is to make a toddler laugh.

World Order this, World Order that. Where's a 20 minute thesis on the possibility of cross-contamination between the worlds?

ESPECIALLY WITH STITCH AND MF RADIANT GARDEN. Who knows if their labs are properly sanitized or not. It's a breeding ground for diseases and germs.

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Daybreak Town doesn't technically exist anymore so we have that saving grace.

BUT, I'm keeping a very close eye on Radiant Garden with all it's steampunk elements and the amount of pipes in that world. Someone's going to develop breathing problems and the alleyways with junk and trash.


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