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52 minutes ago, GoldenDrummer730#4323 said:

i also sometimes wonder what that timeline would have been like

or at least closed the books on that story and started a new one like how FF1 is different to FF4

If that was the case, DDD and III should have been about Sora, Riku and Kairi's children.

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35 minutes ago, ali3n.0bserv3r said:

Or just a new set of Keyblade wielders all together, I would love to see Sora and the gang as a powerful set of side characters or as mentor figures. Kinda like in NEO.

NOW THAT is how you continue your characters after their stories are finished.

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Vanilla 2 doesn’t count. Japan already had Final Mix by the time we had vanilla.

And Final Mix is the canon version besides

You can’t just pretend like it didn’t exist

This is what bugs me about the KH fandom. Always talking about what could be instead of what is.

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3 hours ago, Snakeskin94_1642611873 said:

There were, but, not so loose that you couldn't still find closure.

The only ones I can think about, from Vanilla 2, off the top are like, Xigbar's one off reference to "the others" and, what happened to Ansem the Wise, and, Pete and Maleficent, but that's pretty much it really.

Well, if you removed Xigbar’s line, accept that Ansem the Wise is dead and gave Pete and Maleficent a post credits scene, then it would feel just a little more complete.

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