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Here is what I think each character would be if they were dogs

Sora: Rough collie/Shetland sheepdog
Riku: Husky
Kairi: Toy poodle
Roxas: Shiba inu
Axel: Rottweiler
Xion: Golden retriever
Ventus: Corgi
Terra: Yorkshire terrier
Aqua: Blue heeler
Ansem: West Highland terrier
Xemnas: Old English sheepdog
Xehanort: Schnauzer
Vanitas: Border collie
Namine: Labrador
Strelitzia: Pomeranian
Larxene: Shih-tzu
Demyx: Mastiff

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Anyways, how does anyone think Xehanort was redeemed???

We don’t see him win the sympathy of the others or even clean up his mess. He just admitted defeated and scooted.

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