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Funny fact: I'd never have found that if it hadn't been for one of HMK's videos.

Yeah I'm not joking, HMK. The hYpE  :eh:

Since I don't have Re:Mind, I don't know what happens in some of the boss fights. I had never watched the Armored Xehanort fight so didn't know about the moon. Then ONE DAY I was watching one of HMK's videos(forgot which one) and he mentioned it. So, thanks HMK. 

Speaking of HMK...

he did it AGAIN!!!

He hYpEd for the connection of UX and Quadratum which 'was confirmed in KHMoM'. Like C'MON that was NEVER confirmed. We DON'T know who exactly 'the ancient Keyblade wielders' refer to! *mega sigh*

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