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17 hours ago, Noleen#7811 said:

SE is really good at localization I think, in comparison to some other games where translator are allowed to change entire storyline or character

ffxii surprised me as a teen when they used old french words it made the game super immersive

but we will always miss on japanese specific play on words or kanji shenanigans

Nomura specified that a kanji difference or something was key to the Shibuya referenced in Dream Drop Distance and the one seen in the Yozora secret movie at the end of KH3 not being the same. It also makes easter eggs with the kanji harder to identify if you don't know the Japanese text and nuances, such as Oath Keeper and Oblivion's teeth being the kanji for light and darkness respectively (which also appear on Sora's clothes in Kingdom Hearts 3 for Light Form, Dark Form and Double Form).

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While it did negate the Metroidvania factor of previous games (returning to old areas with moves from later in the game), flow motion did add more for the verticality of the worlds (the town area in the Hunchback world for example). I'm impressed that areas of the scale were included on the 3DS cart, as there are multiple large maps with various possible routes as well as nooks and crannies that for the most part offset linearity.

For gameplay mechanics the bug blocks in re:coded do a lot to evoke the platforming that was largely abandoned after the first game. There is a fun bit of platforming in one of Riku's maps for The World That Never Was in Dream Drop Distance, that wall with the blocks that protrude at various points but the wall surface hurts you so you can't flow motion up it. If the game had included more things like that then flow motion wouldn't be quite as game breaking for exploration as it is. I enjoy platforming in Kingdom Hearts.

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Currently in the midst of fixing the LEDs for my cases, just did the right one today

made sure that the cords were barely visible, looks great! I removed the lighting out of the middle for now until it gets it's LEDs soon


New Bring Arts Riku this month too! Hopefully Square actually ships my Riku and Aqua plushes they were SUPPOSED to ship me in February this month.

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