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There's no way to transfer save files from consoles to PC right? Not a pc guy and I'm thinking about getting the games on PC but don't feel like doing everything on PC again, but I will if I have to

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11 hours ago, Epheymer said:

Having expectations is good, you don't have to accept anything. But at this point, please.

  SPOILERS: Click to reveal

The Timeless Child reveal was badly received by fans because it wasn't what they wanted. It brings something. Ever since the "revival" in 2005 they all tried to bring something. The Time War, the War Doctor, gender/race change among Time Lords.


Not liking it is okay, saying it killed the show is just childish

Big changes like this aren't new to the show. The War Games at the end of the Second Doctor era expanded on the Doctor's backstory and gave us the name Time Lord, as well as showing other Time Lords who weren't rogues like the Doctor and the Monk. The Deadly Assassin a third of the way through Tom Baker's era, for better or for worse characterised the Time Lords on Gallifrey for the rest of the classic series and introduced concepts like Rassilon and the twelve regenerations limit. The Cartmel Master Plan with the Seventh Doctor was about making the Doctor mysterious again, intending to reveal he was a reincarnation of one third of an ancient Gallifreyan triumvirate that also included Rassilon and Omega (in Remembrance of the Daleks the Doctor mentions "we" had trouble with the prototype of the Hand of Omega before hastily correcting himself). So the Timeless Child isn't anything new in terms of scope, but rather happened to air not only during the period of a controversial casting but also when people had the internet to bitch about their dissatisfaction. Rather it's a different adaptation of the Other concept, except when that was used in the show in the 80's and the novels in the 90's (most prominently in the penultimate New Adventure, the highly expensive to get second hand Lungbarrow) the internet wasn't nearly as ubiquitous as it is today.

12 hours ago, pablo5425 said:

they ruin everything they touch
except pokemon. almost everything is perfect there

Brock's jelly donuts and the trainer's choice that stated Seviper was part of an evolution line? The dub for the first movie wasn't well received.

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