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Yeah it's a leak because it also includes Xbox games not yet announced, with their project names

Like I said, it only said Kingdom Hearts 4 but nothing else

Which is why I said it's kind of a leak but also not

If you wanna check the list out

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It doesn't mean it's coming out anytime soon

God of War is already 4 years old so it makes sense to put it on PC before the sequel

HFW would be out a year or two after it's out on PS5

Maybe even longer

Same with Demon Souls

Yeah that's fair

I think this is the way Sony should go with their games

Use the exclusives that's a few years old to drum up hype for the sequels

It's a win/win for patient gamers and Sony

That's definitely gonna be a few years before it's out on PC

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also ux appeared in the list

what are they up to?

kingsglaive was originally going to be a linear prologue which would lead to noctis and the open world

probably they made enough progress to have a demo ready

kingsglaive starts a bit before the game. in fact noctis leaves the city somewhere during the movie

im thinking its a cancelled demo
who knows how long its been in that list

its possible that they revived the project

they dont need tabata if the project was advanced enough. also they already have the plot from the movie

probably they expect us to read the book to know the canonical ending

which is a problem since its not available in my native language

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3 hours ago, pablo5425 said:

ofc, you can fight holding a button. but is the game forcing you to do it? you can still mash it like in kh

Final Fantasy XV is definitely not mash attack to win, even if you overlevel. When you're levelled in the mid-seventies you still need to be weary of level 44 Magitek Assassins, and even then you may need to replenish your health.

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Probably means nothing but two videos are hidden on the japanese KH playlist on the square enix channel


If this is real I wonder if it's for TGS

It is in like 3 weeks

If I remember right in the past, hidden videos like this usually appeared a few days up till a week before it was revealed

TGS is still a bit away

Doubt the would suddenly show it in the next week or something tho

That's true

It does say last update was February this year

I wonder if that doesn't count for adding videos recently that's hidden

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They are mistakes

Like my birth

No, my mom wasn't sleeping

Oh wait


I think she was

I annoyed her in the middle of the night

Not even born and already a pain in the ass

No, but I ended up gay therefore liking the pain

Wait wat

Yeah so, those vids

Hmmm, private vids, interesting


Wood is made of wood

I've been a failure all my life

I'm not American, thank myself, so I'm not concerned about their Apocalypse

I bought the PEGI (European) version so I'm good 😌

Are we naming animals?

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I struggle to see a progress in Terra's arc, thanks to that inexpressive voice actor

Aqua has a sweet voice, Terra is like "Oh no, look, a danger 😐 Oh he betrayed me 😐 Oh I'm dead 😐"

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The hakama pants are honestly great and was the most "normal" outfit in KH before 3 for the og characters

And you are giving Terra va way too little credit. Whole yeah he's not the greatest VA, when he had to get angry he did well.

And Terra is also the only one with an actual arc in bbs. He's the only one showing actual insecurities about what he's going through and overcoming it and failing at the end.

His return in kh3 was fantastic so I was happy

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Remember the pouch of 5000 munny from the digital Twilight Town? What if that is actually 5,000 bitcoins?

Ansem the Wise was using Roxas to mine bitcoins before it was popular

Right now, 1 bitcoin equals about $46,750

That means today, that bag could be worth almost $234 million

And then sit on it until it was worth alot of cash

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In Birth by Sleep, I find Terra the most interesting of the three protagonists because he's the one with the most fleshed out arc. He's a young man wanting to prove himself, but also grappling with something anathema to the values of the people closest to him so he can't talk to anyone. His fears are proven true when Eraqus fails him in the Mark of Mastery Exam because he's got Darkness issues (likely exacerbated by Eraqus's own strong anti-Darkness creed). Terra has been given no reason to suspect Xehanort is dodgy, and Xehanort is the first person to show Terra perceived respect, and this is the guy who played Eraqus so don't give Terra grief for falling for his story. To Terra's credit he takes the Disney villains with a pinch of salt, investigating their claims before making a final decision, which for the most part has him acting against them. He shows remorse for taking Aurora's heart and after the battle with Braig stops looking to Darkness as a form of power because of how uncontrollable it is for him. His final boss in the Coliseum is the Darkness infused Zack because Terra refused it from Hades. Terra's storyline in the second half of his story is taking the steps to wanting to reaffirm the friendship he took for granted, and fights Eraqus because Ven's life is on the line (and Xehanort has been economical with the actuality of the background with the X-Blade). Terra wants to atone for what he did to Eraqus, he doesn't hide or justify his actions. He wants to show his friends he's seen the error of his ways, but it's Aqua who fails here, leading to over a decade before a happy reunion.

Terra is the most proactive of the three, even if he's playing to Xehanort's tune half the time. He's the one who leaves the Land of Departure initially, causing Ven to follow him and Aqua to observe Terra and retrieve Ven. Terra is the one who starts most of the Disney world storylines, making decisions for himself and going against the World Order by getting involved by choice.

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