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I find it interesting how everyone seems to enjoy Doug Walker the most when he’s being passionate and genuine, instead of an angry character these days

I’ve watched him for a very long time and his humour has only ever really worked in a charming way, rather than a laugh out loud way. It’s when he dissects media that he enjoys, particularly old school Disney that he becomes at his most likeable

I mean this is discarding the entire controversy regarding horrific company mismanagement from 3 years ago, but I’ll likely never know how involved he was in that and he has at least admitted to being bad at communication and using ambition badly.

I don’t feel bad about saying his brother seems like a twat though

A sometimes likeable twat with decent points, but still

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For the very most part he's a fair critic, acknowledging what works and what doesn't without being too sensationalist or going for the low hanging fruit, actually critiquing what he's watching and why it's good or bad instead of ranting at it. He's not afraid to share his opinion, rather than run with the crowd. It definitely stands up well compared to things like CinemaSins, which are so bad they need Birdman to balance out the nitpicking, irrelevant pop culture references, lack of comprehension for onscreen things and various other ways to pad out the sin count and runtime.

Doug acknowledges when he's not the target demographic but reckons if the target demographic will enjoy it, like in the Kingdom Hearts video. This is a much better approach than reviewers who say because they don't like it something sucks. He's played 2 and 3 on stream, not the non-numbered titles though, so those will come up this month if you like his Disneycember style reviews.

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that's really the biggest reason why that ship exists

Even tho the player would know why that would play out

if they had KH1 under their belt


they tossed one, they didn't eat it haha

actually good point

i wonder what the JP line says or tries to imply

I do know someone in JP so i could find out

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He knew where she was, he knew she could be saved, he literally saw her from a different floor a few moments earlier, riku on the other hand he had no idea where he was or anything

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