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I always saw day 1 patches as "we've done as much quality control as we can in our testing area, but there's an issue that we never ran into once it was released for everyone else, so here's the fix for it"

It's not something I expect to always be the case, but more often than not

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@jade23 don't shitpost please

Red trinity

Oh then it's not time for you to do that yet

:SekiThinking: :SekiThinking:

Am confused now
If you went underground then you have to have Red Trinity
And the ladder should have moved letting you up to the boxes

Where there should be a Red Trinity marker

Hmmm hang on did Cid tell you about the bell?

/ did you hear it when talking to him?


What order did you go on haha?

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Also, I just noticed you've accumulated three hard warnings. Whoops.

?ban 203157170634620928 Three strikes

Once they get 1 hard warning, it usually doesn't take them long to get to 3.

That's my experience from 3 years of running this server.

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