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Do you know what I love about the PlanitB remix of Simple and Clean? How it starts off with nice FX and the sound of a heart beating before a couple of seconds later, it starts to build up and adding the bassline and a soft pad, and then at the 1:03 mark, a four on the floor kick drum plays along with some more FX after the sounds of the heartbeats stop, and then more sanples are added, such as a guitar sample, and thus, the hi hats and claps are added to the four on the floor beat that dominates the track. We also have a nice riff on a synth lead added too. Then, we have Utada Hikaru singing added to the track.

Another synth lead is then added to the track during the chorus and when she sings "Hold me, whatever lies beyond this morning", the bridge, it starts to change and after the final time she sings those words, the four on the floor beat is removed but returns as the track starts to phase out, ending with a crash cymbal as we hear the pads that we heard in the intro, and the sounds of a heart beating start playing again before a riser sample plays ending the track.

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Something I’m really growing tú hate about KH2 is the fact that enemies can completely blindside you and there isn’t shit you can do about it.

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it sucks that 2013 SE thought we'd have a probIem with those bIocky modeIs

if you redo one thing from the DS, you'd redo everything

unIike BBS, 358/2 and re:coded were not onIy with Iower resoIution assets than any other KH game, but they aIso had the pIeasure of not being buiIt on any SE deveIoped engine

the particIe effects in the other KH games scaIe reaIIy weII, but the DS games's Iook pixeIIy no matter the resoIution

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