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So I have saw photos and videos of Disney characters playing the banjo, especially Mickey, Donald and Goofy, and I wondered what if Sora had one too? And this is what I have thought of.

I can imagine Sora getting something as a gift, Goofy telling Sora "Hey Sora, here's a gift for you, ahyuck!" and then Sora finds a tall cardboard box with a banjo inside. The banjo has a heart symbol on the neck and the crown symbol as frets on the fret board.

Sora picks it up, plays a string and looks confused at first. Goofy tells Sora that a lot of people he knows, like Donald, Mickey and even himself play that instrument. Sora also says "Thanks, I will see what I can do with this thing." before Goofy reminds him it is called the banjo.

And Sora starts tuning it and playing more of it growing his interest. And he would end up playing it in spaces where there are not as many people listening like sitting on the paopu fruit tree for example.

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I have three Sora plushies now

I also pre-ordered the new KH2 Sora plush that will arrive after my birthday

That was announced for the 20th anniversary

And I am going to get the Halloweentown Sora and Christmastown Sora plushies next

And also the Ichiban Kuji Sora plush too

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