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Thinking about Roxas, the old man I am, is such a trip, do you remember when KH2 came out, and, how hated he and most of Org XIII were?

Before KH had the "stupid but awesome" reputation, KH2 was considered by many to be very "emo", and Roxas was one of the examples people used bag then when they critiqued "emo" protagonists. Him, Shadow the Hedgehog, Max Payne, even.

I think people forget KH2 was not quite as universally loved on release as it seems.

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The way I see it is…

Terra = gaslit by Xehanort
Aqua = trying to bring him to reason
Ven = trying to break up the argument and patch the family back together

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Well Sora didn't hug him but he was the first person to tell him he deserved to live as a person. He got his hug from Axel and Xion so we're good there. 👍

The irony is that someone was. Sora was taking care of him through there connection and quickly came to his aid again when he needed it most from fading away. It's too bad Eraqus, Aqua and Terra were looking out for him but were doing an arguably terrible job at it. X P

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