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speaking of land of departure and MF I still want to know the context of the scene

imagine how firetrucked up it would be if MoM sends Xehanort into the future and let's him experience ruined land of departure which old Xehanort is responsible for and that is the thing that caused him to turn this way

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the time travel has to happen prior to its destruction. so aqua and co back at least once between its destruction and transformation

which one went back

i dunno

maybe all of them

but at least one did

I mean its MX himself through Ansem SOD who sends him through time

Nort himself is to blame for his own actions and later way of thinking

He came to the conclusions he did

MOM pushed him into giving up his coat which allowed darkness to get in and warp his heart and thinking though

combined with his own travels

and then later in his elderly age he sends hiw own heartless back in time somehow...

Ansem SOD goes back in time due MX's planning somehow.

Seems he retained that knowledge

And YX brought Ansem SOD to the future after Ansem SOD gave him the ability in the past.

Like its all one big time loop and has several more within it

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it felt weird that MX send Ansem SOD to the past to whisper YX to leave the island. i mean like would xehanort still leave the island anyway, cuz his future did

like where does it start first

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there's no origin point in linear time

thats what its a time loop

its not goin to make sense from our pov

if it was a case of him sending his heartless back in time creates a branched timeline and so on and so then there'd be no loop and you trace an origin but its not like in kh verse

now if mcu come in they can do that

but in kh rn there is no branching timelines

only 1 closed timeline

so far

and paradoxes are possible

also sora did cause 2 contradictory histories to happen in the same timeline in REMIND when he overrode the original

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well right now the only context for that is the real world and data worlds

Luxu uses that in ref to the dandys going to the data world

and then leaving it later on

And MOM may see multiple outcomes for events not just one outcome.

like when luxu talks bout how in a wordline with no war darkness came anyway

this seems to obe talking about the data world

were the war didnt happen but Darkness got in to the data world anyway and would have destroyed it if the Ark didn't trigger the destruction

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it can

but since its data the person outside can decide how it runs

one can loop time in a data world

like if someone's on the pc that contains the datascape, you can do whatever u want if u have access to the datascape

delete it, copy it, whatever

The Grid is the most unique cos it has a specific entry/exit point

though u can get in other ways

though thay may have been only cos it was inside a world that was dreaming at the time

and the Grid's time is much faster than the world it was inside

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