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As a professional ass I can confirm you are dead

Player talks like twice in the whole thing and gives like two monologues but every time they do has been a firetrucking banger

“firetruck you [insert foreteller here]” and “lmao get trolled darklings”

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lmao i dont underestand the entire x saga at all

master of masters, expert new york times bestselling author who wrote a book, gave it to his students but gave a special edition to one, blah blah blah they all wanna collect lux to stop the darkness from winning, but then mom give them all roles and he dips, and they all compete and fight with each other, but wait that was mom's plan all along and he takes 7 of the darknesses and puts them in him the foretellers and that other guy who's xiggy now, but then xiggy becomes the traitor or some shit

and then the dandelions ditch the fight and go to data version of their world but they somehow also become vessels for the darknesses and apparently one is still with ventus which is a tad uncomfortable

and one is unaccounted for cuz it got sealed in data daybreak town or smth like that

and now cuz of the new york times bestselling book mom can time travel anywhere anytime

and he found quadratum, somehow

and also xiggy has a box for whatever reason, must be a nice suitcase

later xehanort hears of the keyblade war and goes "lmao i wanna try"

let me know if i basically got it down lmao

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I mean really due to the book

Morsel because of his eye traveling to the future

Which is how he also wrote the book

So it’s more like he has book cause he dan time travel

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