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Aside from the comical masterpiece of a moment known as the day Goody diedn't, they seemed more like straight up companions instead of friends in a journey

A stark contrast with KH1 where they had their arc and got close to one another as the game progressed

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well they do support each other and they joke around

they seem like close enough friends in KH2 to me

like "Sora, how come your face is all red? OH I know who you're thinking about."


honestly its a pretty organic development between kh1, com, and 2

start on rough terms, got alot closer, really see each other as friends. stayed friends

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yep that is correct. the card you want has to be the last kill and just hope you get it

Naturally pick an area where they spawn a lot and use Teeming Darkness on rooms

..dodge rolls?

i get the use of Warp but'

huh. the more ya know
I could have guessed the latter 3 variables but the first two are new

It just seems to ritualistic haha
like X rolls to get the card to drop feels so odd

might try that next time i play ReCoM

thanks for the vid!

usually i just do the enemy cards in one fell swoop in my journey to get all the attack, magic, item, etc cards

typically it doesnt take THAT long for an enemy card to drop when you start grinding

but hey if it makes things faster then good for them

Warp just makes things easier for the grind

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