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44 minutes ago, Superslash said:

Well in bbs yeah that’s what the secret episode was in that game

But how do you farm for it? Aren't the prequisites completing the sticker album and finishing the Final Episode? Farming isn't the term I associate with collecting the stickers since they aren't renewable, unlike if you were going to all the ice cream flavours as the prize pod Unversed manifest each time you enter a world.

Quick question, rank each game based on difficulty at highest difficulty mode from easiest to hardest (so that's likely two lists, one for Proud like KH1 and the DS games and one for Critical). I'm doing a Crit run of Birth by Sleep and finding it pretty easy at the moment. I'm having a harder time doing KH2 on Proud!

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Her bounce from walking to running (as well as her faster running speed as a whole) feels a lot clunkier for me than Sora's does in KH3. At first, I thought it was a frame rate issue, but I've realised it isn't

Tis a shame, cos it's the only real thing stopping me from loving 0.2

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