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Remember that guy who made dope remixes( I remember the hollow basition remix best), then hit his head and claims he saw god, and that he said music is a sin, so he not only deleted everything but anyone who had a copy of the remix he would hunt down

Not saying anything against religion but I think his actions were bit extreme

It's was his remixes, so it was his right to take them down and such, but, at the same time he took away something people enjoyed of his, that was entirely innocent. People are stuck remembering it in their head but can't listen to it anymore

and he acted like he wanted to erase that part of his life and pretend he never made song remixes. Bit unhealthy imo

His music legacy will always exist, you can't erase the past especially when you put it on the internet. So imo he should chill instead of hunting people down but oh well

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it can take some time, If vanitas is in the middle of attacking or preparing for an atk he wont stagger

if he lands on one after performing an attack it will

well actually he can stagger during an attack but he has to be hit by more than 1.

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So I made Sora's content if he is possible for Smash, stage, theme songs and moveset


What do you guys think? Just to clarify, my English is treacherous with me sometimes sorajoelosment

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