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Fates Chance XIII

Your kingdom hearts collection

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Do any of you guys have KH collections?

Manga, consoles, novels, special editions ect?

I thought it'd be cool to share with everyone what we've got and what we'd love to have some day.

I dont have pics (all my stuffs in storage at home cause I'm in the Navy) but I have:

The japanese novels/books of:

KH1, Days (2 of 3), BBS, 3D, CoM (side Riku). 

The another report that came with the Japanese KH2 final mix.


All of the original run of the KH2 (before printing ceased), the old KH1 and CoM. And all the days manga. Still need to get all the new KH2 manga.


A few special editions with the art book of I think it was 1.5? And KH3 deluxe edition.


I have an Oblivion, oathkeeper and Kingdom key

What I'd love to have most:

The special edition GB SP for the original CoM. They cost like 350 on ebay but one day...Also the special edition psp for bbs, the ds for Days and 3D.

And lastly, most of all the promotional poster for 358/2 days. I was actually given one by the store I got my copy in.

It was the first KH game that released after I became a fan, the first one I waited for, followed every scrap of news and updates and theories. But I didnt know what preorders were (facepalm). I went into this store once or twice a week leading up to release to talk with other fans and the staff. And on release day, I went in and they were sold out and they wouldnt be getting another shipment for a week or so. I was really sad, but then the manager was like, "You know, just one sec", went to the back and handed me an extra store promo poster they had been sent! They knew how excited I was for the game from me coming in so often and said they would save me a copy when it came in. (They earned a lifelong customer after that!)

I cherished that poster until one day when i was moving it got damaged beyond repair. I was devastated. I'd love to have that poster again.

What about yall?


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I have the entire Japanese Days manga.  Got it from Japan for my birthday one year.  I also have a couple of necklaces, Axel’s weapon and Oathkeeper.

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I have a bit of a Kingdom Hearts collection, lets here. (All English too.)

Games: KH1 (PS2, Platinum), KH:CoM (GBA, lost game case :P), KH:Days (DS), KH2 (PS2, foil cover), KH:Re:coded (DS), KH:BBS (PSP, Special Edition), KH:DDD (3DS, with exclusive AR cards), KH:1.5 Remix (PS3, Limited Edition), KH:2.5 Remix (PS3, Limited Edition), KH:2.8 (PS4, Limited Edition), KH3 (PS4, Deluxe Edition).

Books: Strategy Guides for KH1, KH2, KH:CoM, KH:DDD, KH:358/2Days, KH:BBS, KH:1.5 Remix. Artbook of KH artwork by Shiro Amano. Mangas for KH1:FM Vol1&2 (2in1 Mangas), KH2 Vol1-4 (2in1 Mangas), KH:CoM Vol1&2, KH:Days Vol1-5. 

Other Stuff: Kingdom Key & Ultima weapon keychains, Some KH TCG cards (Including instructional disc, official rulebook & game map), PlayArts KH1 Sora & Riku, a good quality foam Ends of the Earth keyblade.  

I'd like to have the full soundtrack of the KH series, I'm not sure if there is a collection of all the soundtracks but that be cool to have. Also, a bloody real metal version of Ends of the Earth keyblade! >:( 


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