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*Spoilers* Favorite moment from KH3?

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Pffff, where do I even begin!? This game has just so many memorable moments and battles that really rile up the feels, ya know? But out of all the moments I loved, I'll go with at least five.

  • The reunion of the Wayfinder and Sea Salt Trios! Good lord, that got me crying!
  • Vexen pulling a 360 and actually wanting to atone for the mistakes he made! Like, I thought Vexen was only pretending to be on the side of the Guardians in order to further the Organization's goals, but when it turned out he genuinely wanted to atone, I was definitely surprised!
  • Battling Aqua...good lord, that music and her words broke my heart! 💔
  • The entire Final World sequence.
  • The Guardian actually being Terra's soul! :3

These are just some of many amazing moments that I love about this game! So much epicness, I swear!


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