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2019 Piece 391-KINGDOM HEARTS 3.6 Logo. by Iamkingdomhearts1000


New Chapter Prologue: Birth by Sleep -Volume Two-.


Chapters are updated from time to time on both DeviantArt and FanFiction.net.


New Chapter Prologue: Birth by Sleep -Volume Two-.


Contains both HUGE and MAJOR SPOILERS for KINGDOM HEARTS III. Please read only at your own risk.


"If you become Lost...then I will become your Guiding Key home. Our Hearts are Connected, after all...right?"


"Exactly a year has passed since the events of Kingdom Hearts III. Master Xehanort and Organization XIII had finally been defeated, but, at terrible cost.

In an attempt to save Kairi's Heart, Sora made the ultimate sacrifice once again and had used the Power of Waking to revive her. In the process, losing his Heart to Darkness once more, only this time around, does the effect seem to be more permanent.

Everyone had moved on with their lives-Donald and Goofy had returned to their positions as both Court Magician and Captain of the Guard respectively under King Mickey, of whom had resumed active leadership over Disney Castle.

Master Aqua, Terra and Ventus had started an experimental "Keyblade Academy" at the Land of Departure, taking Hayner, Pence, Olette and Namine as it's very first potential students to learn the ways of the Keyblade in recognition of their courageous acts.

Roxas, Xion, Axel and Isa had settled down in Twilight Town and had refurbished the Old Mansion as their new home quarters to live in.

Ansem the Wise had also resumed leadership over Radiant Garden with the help of his apprentices-Ienzo, Even, Aeleus and Dilan, as well as the Hollow Bastion Restoration Committee, now renamed the "Radiant Garden Preservation Council".

Lastly, Riku had taken up Sora's role as the "Hero of the Keyblade", travelling from one World to another, preserving the both peace and balance whilst cleaning up the remaining messes left behind by Xehanort.

All in all, everyone is very happy with what they have regained...however, even though Sora had fulfilled his Destiny of being the "Key That Connects Everything". There was still just one Heart left that was in complete sadness...it was the Heart of Kairi.

Ever since his supposed demise at having saved her yet again, Kairi every single day goes to the Destiny Islands where she, Sora and Riku used to play as children. Waiting at the "promised place", hoping that one day, just maybe...Sora will return.

Despite objective pleas from everyone else otherwise, Kairi is adamant on waiting for Sora, no matter how long it will take. Despite knowing that she could wait an eternity and he would still never come back, Kairi still perseveres, determined to wait for her "Dearly Beloved". There is still so much that she wants-that she NEEDS to say to him and Kairi will wait for however long it takes until he comes back...

Having shown her dedication to everyone on this matter and becoming inspired by it, Riku had vowed to bring back Sora, he too, also believing that Sora still exists somewhere out there. Somehow, someway, Riku intends to bring back Sora to Kairi, refusing to let their feelings for one another simply die out.

Riku is wished good luck by Namine before departing with the King, having offered his services to help Riku. Both of them are given new outfits by Yen Sid who explains a possible theory on where Sora's Heart may be located after having been lost to Darkness a 2nd time.

Departing, Riku and Mickey venture to a Realm unknown, not knowing of the dangers awaiting them...meanwhile, Sora himself is seen.

Having finally awoken from using the Key to Return Hearts-The Power of Waking to revive Kairi. Finding himself on his Station of Awakening once more, a new adventure dawns for Sora, however, not only for both him and Riku but also Kairi.

No longer accepting to wait for her best friends to come back, Kairi also begins a new journey with both Donald and Goofy volunteering to join her. Thus begins the "New Chapter Prologue" of the three friends-Sora, Riku and Kairi."



KINGDOM HEARTS 3.6 Part I.5: Prologus -Sora-.

Sora enters his Dive to the Heart in his Kingdom Hearts III outfit. He lands on his Station of Awakening, surrounded by four mirrors. Each containing a past version of himself: the north mirror represents his 4 year old self from Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep. the south mirror represents his 15 year old self from Kingdom Hearts II. Both the west and the east mirrors represent his 14 year old self respectively, the west in turn representing his original Kingdom Hearts self and the east his Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance self. Suddenly, the four copy Soras surrounding the original KH III Sora in the middle disappear. All transforming into a singular Light that shines very brightly and engulfs Sora as a whole. After the Light disappears, he finds himself on the beach of the Destiny Islands, surrounded by three of his past allies-Cloud, Leon and Auron.

Here, each of the three gives Sora a different question that he must answer, upon the chosen choices of his answers, he will both gain something and lose something. By talking to Cloud, he will say does Sora ask for Strength. By talking to Leon, he will say does Sora ask for Wisdom and by talking to Auron, he will say does Sora ask for Balance. By choosing two of three answers, leaving out the 3rd, Sora's path will have already been set into motion.

Suddenly, the Destiny Islands revert to the state they once were in when they were consumed by Darkness. Sora summons his Kingdom Key Keyblade in response, wondering what is going on. Pureblood Shadow Heartless then appear and start attacking Sora, only for him to swiftly defeat them. Afterwards, Sora makes his way to the secret spot, believing on a hunch that he will find some answers there.

By opening the door inside of the cave that is the secret spot, a wave of Darkness gushes forth, swallowing Sora whole. At first, he believes himself to have been lost to Darkness, only for a floating Heart to appear and reassure him otherwise. It starts to guide him towards other floating Hearts of pure Light, all of them together seven in total.

Four of the Hearts take on the visual images of Rapunzel, Elsa, Anna and...Kairi. Upon seeing the latter, Sora is greatly shocked. Before he can say anything however, the Heart that guided him here speaks it's piece. It reveals that although Sora's Destiny has been fulfilled, there is still so much more left for him to do. By averting the 2nd Keyblade War, only far more dangerous threats have been "awakened" as a result. Sora must regain his "complete" form if he is to battle this "new Darkness" as the floating Hearts call it.

To test him, they then transform the whole area into a new Station of Awakening, based on the cover box art of Kingdom Hearts III. Afterwards, a Twilight Thorn appears, attempting to attack Sora. He dodges before the floating Hearts inform him that fighting the Twilight Thorn is part of the test they have given him. To start things off, Sora is forcibly taken away the ability to use the Keyblade, instead, he must rely on the given magics gifted to him at the test's start. The available three magic spells are Fire, Blizzard and Thunder. Sora must think outside of the box and learn how to combine these spells all into one, using them to his advantage.

Sora quickly learns in the heat of battle the "Thaumaturgy" gameplay system. It allows him to combine up to two-three spells each, provided the respective magics can mesh well together more or less. Upon breaking the Twilight Thorn's defence, otherwise known as the "Opening Break" gameplay mechanic. Sora can now quickly harm the Twilight Thorn's central weak points before it fully regains both it's defence and composure.

Recognizing his latent skill returning to him slowly, Sora is bequeathed use of the Keyblade once more, however, it takes on a new shape. It is now "Dawn Till Dusk" rather then the "Kingdom Key" Keyblade. The floating Hearts reveal that through Sora's multiple battles up to now and them having added a little of their own combined magic to his Keyblade, it has evolved to become what it is now. Utilising this "new" Keyblade right off the bat, Sora immediately regains use of his Ragnarok ability as a Shotlock, using it to finish off the Twilight Thorn.

Afterwards, the floating Hearts reveal to Sora the truth behind the losses of his previous growth experiences. They reveal that it wasn't because of outside circumstances. Rather, the reason why Sora kept losing his powers again and again was because his Body could not handle all of them...not as he currently was at the time that is. The Seven Pure Lights of the Worlds that the Seven Princesses of Heart safeguard had acknowledged Sora's existence as an important one and thus had resolved to make sure that too much of his great power would not corrupt who he truly is in his Heart on the inside.

They also reveal that a far more dangerous "new Darkness" is soon to approach and threaten the Worlds. Unfortunately however, Sora is trapped in "Limbo" and cannot escape without outside help to combat this "new Darkness". For the time being, the floating Hearts, or rather, their Seven Pure Lights have now also resolved to take away Sora's Memory of talking with them, believing that it may affect his judgement later on within the future. They do assure him however that he WILL be saved. As Sora remains trapped inside of "Limbo" itself, there are those on the other side that are and/or will attempt to rescue him. Furthermore, before sending him into a deep sleep, they also assure Sora that Kairi as a Princess of Heart's time has ended, her powers have passed on to another. Who this "other" is Sora fails to hear, having completely fallen asleep at that point.


KINGDOM HEARTS 3.6 Part II: Prologus -Riku-.

Riku and Mickey, seen in their new both crimson coloured and white coloured outfits respectively are seen yet again traversing the Dark World. the Dark World logo then appears onscreen:


Riku and Mickey travel through the Darkness, pondering to themselves. Riku speaks up first by saying "...Not once, not twice but even THREE times, I'm back here? man, it's like Destiny is calling me to this place for something...or rather, someone. Could it...be?" said Riku. Mickey turns around and replies "Riku, are you alright?" says Mickey. "O-Oh! yeah, I'm fine, your maj-sigh, Mickey." says Riku in return. Mickey lets out a happy smile before becoming worried by hearing distant howling in the Realm of Darkness not too far away from where the two of them currently are. "This place, something's wrong, isn't it?" says Riku. "Yeah...I guess with Xehanort gone, after stirring them up, the Heartless are starting to go berserk here...we better hurry, Riku!" says Mickey. Riku simply replies "...Right." apparently, the heroic duo are in search of something that will help provide a clue on Sora's whereabouts.

They traverse the Dark World, digging deeper into it's "Black Catacombs", fighting many Pureblood Heartless along the way. Eventually, they reach some sort of hidden construction-a temple of sorts. Upon further investigation, they are shocked to find what they see inside, Mickey especially. "It-it can't be!" said Mickey.

To his great shock, all around the walls of this "Dark temple" were ancient tapestries, featuring the Foretellers from the Age of Fairy Tales. "Mickey, what's wrong? do these...pictures mean anything to you?" said Riku, of course not realising the significance behind the Foretellers, having never been told directly about them. "Hmm...welp, it's going to be kind of difficult to explain but I'll try..." said Mickey before beginning a long explanation.

"Long ago, over a century to be precise, perhaps even more so. There was the "Age of Fairy Tales". Back then, Kingdom Hearts was protected by it's counterpart-the X-Blade. And the ones who protected the X-Blade were the Foretellers. The very 1st true Keyblade Masters ever to exist. They coexisted amongst one another as five different Unions representing animals, but...overtime, things began to change. Internal fighting broke out and that led to-" said Mickey before Riku interrupts, knowing how Mickey is going to finish his sentence "The 1st Keyblade War." says Riku.

"Exactly. after that, the Worlds were shattered alongside the X-Blade which broke into twenty pieces-seven of pure Light and thirteen of pure Darkness. The seven pure Lights found refuge in the Hearts of pure maidens, thus completely making their Hearts devoid of Darkness. As for the original Dark thirteen...hmm." Mickey grimly ponders on what became of the thirteen of Darkness. Riku then speaks up, saying "Over the course of a very short time, those Worlds became restored because of what Master Yen Sid told me and Sora, right?" says Riku. Mickey replying "Yup! it was thanks to the combined Light of the Hearts of children that refused to give up to the Darkness that the Worlds were restored and became what they are today. Albeit smaller and separated from one another..." says Mickey. Riku then speaks up again by saying the following "And after that, the unseen domain of the one real Kingdom Hearts was lost, supposedly forever." says Riku.

"Correct, Riku. Even though we have seen Kingdom Hearts many times, they all weren't the "true" Kingdom Hearts. At least not from what you could take of my words, the thing is, Kingdom Hearts is actually us as a whole. It's a sentient force that resides in all people and things, so long, as a Heart beats, then that already clarifies as having a Heart to begin with." says Mickey, explaining his view on "Hearts all around us". Riku then replies "But if that's the case, if Kingdom Hearts truly resides in us now as we are, then, why does that Heart shaped moon always appear? the first time was because of the Door to Darkness, which both you and Sora closed on both sides. The second time was because the Organization was gathering Hearts to create an "artificial" Kingdom Hearts, using Roxas, Xion and Sora to fulfil that agenda." says Riku. Mickey then speaks up, saying "There was also another time that the Heart shaped moon had appeared. It was because of the X-Blade's forging through both Ventus and Vanitas' forced union. Master Yen Sid once told me that apparently, Hearts born of "Worlds" gather together as "Kingdom Hearts" when the X-Blade is created." says Mickey.

Riku takes all this into account, saying the words "So three times, a Heart shaped moon has manifested...though, I suppose you could only call it two times, since that time with the Door to Darkness doesn't really count per say-!?" suddenly, Riku becomes shocked upon Mickey realising something. "Oh! oh no!" says Mickey, Riku replies "What!? what's wrong Mickey!?" says Riku. Mickey immediately replies "I should have caught on sooner! Riku! when Kingdom Hearts was summoned during the crisis with "Ansem", it appeared behind the Door to Darkness, right?" says Mickey. Riku is a bit dumbfounded, not following on with what Mickey is trying to say "What are you getting at Mickey?" says Riku.

Mickey finally reveals his theory "Even if it's shadow appeared at the Door, the moon of Kingdom Hearts...was nowhere to be seen, right!?" says Mickey. Riku shockingly realises this "!? Wait, are you saying!?" says Riku. Mickey replies "...It's only just a hunch, a guess at best, but...even while battling "Ansem", the moon of Kingdom Hearts didn't appear, only...it's shadow. Perhaps that was what "Ansem" only needed at the time..." says Mickey. Riku replies "I don't understand Mickey, what is it that you are trying to tell me?" says Riku. Mickey replies "Maybe...JUST maybe...someone ELSE got to the moon of Kingdom Hearts before "Ansem" did!" says Mickey, greatly shocking and horrifying Riku. "WHAT!?" shouted out Riku. Mickey replies "My guess is that whoever took the moon from that time only left behind it's shadow and the Door to Darkness for "Ansem" to use, believing those were the only things he could make use of during the time he fought Sora, Donald and Goofy." says Mickey.

Riku then replies "So..."Ansem"-Master Xehanort had a co conspirator in all this!?" says Riku. Mickey himself replies "...I'm not sure, at the very best, I don't think so." says Mickey. "!?" Riku was further dumbfounded by all these revelations. "Riku, do you remember when Master Xehanort was trying to forge the X-Blade a 2nd time? when we saw all those floating Keys?" says Mickey. Riku recalls back to the 2nd Keyblade War's final showdown not too very long ago, remembering how Xehanort forged the X-Blade. "I should have seen this as well! it was that Keyblade of Master Xehanort's!" says Mickey. Riku replies "His Keyblade? what about it?" says Riku. Mickey then reveals to Riku whilst looking at the Foreteller tapestries "...Well, during the time of these ancient "Foretellers", they all possessed Keyblades...with Gazing Eyes." says Mickey. Riku becomes greatly shocked before summoning his Soul Eater sword, looking at the Gazing Eye embedded into it.

"You mean, this eye?" says Riku. Mickey then explains more by first nodding his head with a serious expression upon his face "Indeed, Keyblade wielders of old, from the time of Master Yen Sid, his friend Master Eraqus and even Master Xehanort. Even before their time, they would once in a while speak of "Keyblades with Gazing Eyes" and it is said that those Keyblades themselves...could record history in the making." says Mickey, Riku becomes shocked once more by this. He looks at his Soul Eater sword, wondering just what sort of part it has played up to now "Then...are you basically telling me that we have been giving a new enemy crucial information!?" says Riku, believing a new enemy is on the horizon from this fact about the Gazing Eye alone. Mickey trembles at the idea but does not deny it "...It's very possible. After Xehanort was defeated, we believed his Keyblade was lost alongside him when he joined with Kingdom Hearts, but...it's also very possible that it may have just ended up in the hands of a new enemy. If so, as Master Yen Sid would say: "Mark my words. Trouble will brew yet again..." says Mickey, finding much discomfort in these new revelations.

Riku then replies "In that case, we should-!?" suddenly however, Pureblood Neoshadow Heartless then arrive in vast numbers. Surrounding both Riku and the King, the two of them prepare to fight. "Riku, no matter what, focus! don't lose your sense of self in this moment! remember, the Heartless prey on those types of weaknesses!" says King Mickey, giving sound advice towards Riku. Grateful for the advice, Riku nods before charging at the Neoshadows, intending to strike them all down.

Riku utilises a new "Sensory" gameplay mechanic. Having become a true Keyblade Master, Riku has gained access to new abilities before, during and after the events of Kingdom Hearts III. "Sensory" being one of them. By using "Sensory" in a manner that is similar to sensing Ki, Riku can sense all of the Light and Dark currents that flow within everyone. In Mickey he senses pure Light, in Riku himself he senses a mixture of both Light and Darkness and as for the rest, namely the Neoshadows, he senses nothing but pure Darkness. The Pureblood Heartless adapt to their surroundings in the Dark Realm, leaving them both almost untraceable and unable to pinpoint before they attack and it is too late by then. However, Riku using the "Sensory" gameplay mechanic can combine multiple abilities and strike the Heartless in multiple blind spots. But also because Riku is still new to "Sensory", it takes a great toll out of his stamina, leaving him with barely little HP as is.

By combining "Sensory" with Shotlock, Riku drives out the Neoshadows hiding in Darkness, forcing them out into the open. This leaves him weakened but with King Mickey by his side, he manages to save Riku. Unfortunately, all the Neoshadows left over had then combined into a new type of Pureblood Heartless called a "Dark Heart". The Dark Heart is considered to be the "Evolved" form of the Darkside that resides in the Dark Realm, just like the Darkside itself is considered to be the "Evolved" form of ordinary Shadows. The Dark Heart manages to close off all exits of the temple grounds, leaving both Riku and Mickey at wit's end what to do...is this, to be the end for them?


KINGDOM HEARTS 3.6 Part III: Prologus -Kairi- Journey's Beginning.

Kairi is seen at the tree of the "promised place" on the Destiny Islands. Looking out to sea as she ponders about Sora. She reflects on all of her Memories with him up to now before finally stating "...Waiting...just isn't good enough, anymore." says Kairi. She turns around to surprisingly see both Donald and Goofy, smiling and also wearing new clothes. Donald presents a briefcase for Kairi with her own new clothes inside. She then has a small flashback from not too long ago.

She is seen talking with Yen Sid of whom appears shocked by what Kairi asks of him "What!? what did you say!?" says Yen Sid. "Master, I am tired of waiting around for everyone, it's time. I am going to find my friends myself, I am not going to be some "Princess" that needs rescuing. This time, I am going to bring back both Sora and Riku, not the other way around." says Kairi. Yen Sid replies "...No, I cannot condone such a journey. Even if what you say is true, Kairi, you are still a Princess of Heart, possessing one of the Seven Pure Lights. Although we no longer face any threat from Xehanort, there are still those of ill ilk that would do you harm. The same as Maleficent, for example." says Yen Sid, explaining his caution.

"...Even so, I...made a promise." says Kairi. Yen Sid wonders what this "promise" is. Kairi then reveals it to be "...I made a promise that I would always find Sora, no matter what, to him...and...to myself." says Kairi with a determined look upon her face. Yen Sid, realising that no means of convincing otherwise will work, sighs. He relents by saying "Very well...however, I insist that you wait for the time being before going after Riku and Mickey who have gone on ahead. I will ask that the three good fairies make for you new garments that you will need to traverse where I have sent the aforementioned two." says Yen Sid. Kairi, being reasonable, agrees to Yen Sid's terms by nodding her head.

The flashback ends and we see Kairi, having grown out her hair longer once more but now tied in a ponytail. Preparing to journey with both Donald and Goofy, of whom learned of Kairi's quest that was about to begin and thus volunteered to accompany her. Goofy says the following "Don't worry Kairi, we'll protect you. Or I am not the captain of the King's royal knights." says Goofy. Donald then speaks up "Nor I his magician!" says Donald. Kairi smiles and then replies "Thank you, Goofy, Donald. But-" however, Kairi was about to say something else.

Donald and Goofy wondered what she was going to say, as Kairi then announces "I won't need protecting. If you two are ever in danger, I will come running, count on it." says Kairi. Donald and Goofy are both shocked and made speechless at Kairi's declaration, followed on by her saying "It's the very least I can do after you both helped out Sora on his journeys, now...it's MY turn." says Kairi. Donald and Goofy are then reminded of Sora through Kairi and cannot help but smile with Donald even shedding a tear because of this. He then loudly announces for all to hear "Alright! let's GO!" shouted out Donald.

By the time the three make it back to the Gummi Ship, Kairi is already wearing her new outfit, consisting of both bright red and pink colours. She wears an armband that has Sora's Kingdom Crown Emblem on it. Being a first time pilot for the Gummi Ship, she has trouble manoeuvring it but with help from Chip and Dale at Disney Castle, Kairi quickly gets both a crash course and test run on how to handle the ship. By the time things settle down afterwards, Kairi ponders to herself, as Donald and Goofy wonder what she is thinking about.

"...This is...the same Sky. The same Sky that Sora used to travel..." she looks down at the ground for the moment, appearing depressed before suddenly lifting up her head and saying "...Sora! I'll find you!" says Kairi. She then summons her Destiny's Embrace Keyblade and uses it to open a Gate, leading towards Kairi, Donald and Goofy's first destination.

What adventures will await the three? and thus begins the "New Chapter Prologue".


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