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[3-01-2019] Monthly Updates, Weekly Raid, FFRK, Organization XIII, HSC Events; Avatar Boards, KH3 Falling Price Deal

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March is here! This month's Coliseum offers the Balloon Scrooge accessory (Skill Perk +3) and for top rankers, the Atk B IX Max & GA2 skill (x2.8 multiplier). Note that the reward brackets have also been expanded, so more players can win some skills.

This month's limited missions offer the Pink Hamstar and Scrooge Balloon Spirit Parts:

LUX Collected Pet Part
4,000,000 Pink Hamstar Head
20,000,000 Pink Hamstar Ears
100,000,000 Pink Hamstar Body
500,000,000 Pink Hamstar Legs
2,500,000,000 Pink Hamstar Tail
10,000,000,000 Balloon Scrooge

This month's Monthly Gem Quests offer a Power Gem, two Magic Gems, and a Speed Gem.

Until March 6th at 23:59 PT, the Jewel cost to increase medal storage capacity is halved to 50 Jewels--take advantage of this!

In other news, the permanent Top-Drawer Deal, Beginner's Deal, and Small Deal are being discontinued March 14th at 23:59 PT. The Bronze, Silver, and Gold Ticket draws are being discontinued after March 31st at 23:59 PT--be sure to use up your tickets before then! Blue Fairy medals will replace the Tickets in ranking rewards starting mid-March.


Until March 10th at 23:59 PT, defeat the Mysterious Sir raid boss for rewards like Broom, Mirror, Chip, and Dale medals! A 6* or 7* FFRK Kefka medal (5 Trait Slots, 120 Spirit Points) can also be received from defeating a LV99 Mysterious Sir.

Medal Attribute Guilt Tier SP Cost Target Ability Max Multiplier
7* FFRK Kefka Reversed/Speed 8 1 SP Single  Deals 2 hits. 2 turns: ↑ STR & S-STR 5, ↓ target's R-DEF 2, S-DEF 5. Count ± 0.


6* FFRK Kefka Reversed/Speed 8 1 SP Single Deals 2 hits. 2 turns: ↑ STR & S-STR 5, ↓ target's R-DEF 2, S-DEF 5. Count ± 0. x8.86

Supernova (7* FFRK Kefka): AoE, x100 multiplier. Counter +3, +5 SP Recovery. Activates before Slot 4 when defending in PvP.

During the below time periods on Mondays to Fridays, the raid quests will cost 5 AP. (Normal AP Cost outside of these hours: 90 AP.)

On Saturdays and Sundays until the campaign period ends, the raid quests will cost 0 AP all day and the below time periods will become Bonus Hours (LUX+, LV+2).

Pacific Standard & Daylight Time UTC // UTC

2:00 a.m. to 2:59 a.m.

8:00 a.m. to 8:59 a.m.

2:00 p.m. to 2:59 p.m.

8:00 p.m. to 8:59 p.m.

10:00 to 10:59 // 9:00 to 9:59

16:00 to 16:59 // 15:00 to 15:59

22:00 to 22:59 // 21:00 to 21:59

4:00 to 4:59 // 3:00 to 3:59


Until March 8th at 23:59 PT, take on the stronger Mysterious Sir and Weapon Master enemies in two event quests for rewards like a 6* FFRK Warrior of Light medal, the "Weapon Master" and "Full of Mystery" titles, Broom, and Mirror medals.

Medal Attribute Guilt Tier SP Cost Target Ability Max Multiplier
6* FFRK Warrior of Light Upright/Power 7 5 SP Single 8 hits. 1 turn: ↑ STR by 7, ↓ target's U-DEF by 2, SP ATK bonus +30%. More damage with 1 enemy left (incl. raid boss parts). Enemy countdown +2.



Until March 14th at 23:59 PT, two quests will be available every day from which you can obtain returning Organization XIII avatar parts, medals, and titles:

Avatar Parts (M & F) 
* The avatar parts will not necessarily be obtainable in the following order.

Organizaton XIII Coat 
Demyx Style 
Luxord Style 
Marluxia Style 
Larxene Style 
Xemnas Style 
Xigbar Style 
Xaldin Style 
Vexen Style 
Lexaeus Style 
Zexion Style 
Saïx Style 
Axel Style 
Xion Style


The High Score Challenge is also open until March 10th at 23:59 PT. The top 4000 rankers can earn Jewels, top 30,000 players can earn at least one Moon Gem, and the top 100,000 players can earn at least one skill. Check in-game for the full breakdown!


Until March 11th at 23:59 PT, the Class Trip avatar boards are open for 2500 Jewels each:

Class Trip (M) Class Trip (F)

Class Trip 
Class Trip: Headband 
Class Trip: Bag (Skill Perk +4)

ATK B VIII Max & GA 0 (6★ Scrooge) 
ATK B VIII Max & GA 1 (6★ Scrooge) 
Defense Boost V Max (6★ Scrooge) 
Power Gem x 1 
6★ Chip x 2 
6★ Dale x 1 
6★ Cid 10 x 2 
6★ Magic Mirror x 5 
5★ Magic Broom x 3

Class Trip 
Class Trip: Headband 
Class Trip: Bag

ATK B VIII Max & GA 0 (6★ Scrooge) 
ATK B VIII Max & GA 1 (6★ Scrooge) 
Defense Boost V Max (6★ Scrooge) 
Power Gem x 1 
6★ Chip x 2 
6★ Dale x 1 
6★ Cid 10 x 2 
6★ Magic Mirror x 5 
5★ Magic Broom x 3


Lastly, the KH3 Falling Price VIP and Standard Deals return until March 14th at 23:59 PT, this time featuring the new Supernova - KH3 Lea and KH3 King Mickey medals! 

VIP Draw Standard Draw

Dual Meow Wow [SAB LV 9] every 10 VIP Draws!

First pull is free.

・Two 7★ KH III Medals! 
・One Trait Medal #89 (for use with Supernova - KH3 Lea)! 
・The remaining 7 Medals will be of 5★ or higher rarity! 
・5 Magic Mirrors

Higher chance of pulling Supernova - KH3 Lea compared to Standard.

Dual Meow Wow [SAB LV 9] every 10 draws!

・One 7★ KH III Medal! 
・One Trait Medal #89 (for use with Supernova - KH3 Lea)! 
・The remaining 8 Medals will be of 5★ or higher rarity! 
・3 Magic Mirrors

Supernova - KH3 Lea will arrive with one of the skills maxed if pulled:

 ・Attack Boost VI Max 
 ・Defense Boost I Max   
 ・Defense Boost II Max   
 ・Defense Boost III Max   
 ・ATK B V Max & GA 1   
 ・ATK B V Max & Lux+ 
 ・Triple Threat II

Medal Attribute Guilt Tier SP Cost Target Ability Max Multiplier
7* Supernova - KH3 Lea Upright/Speed 9 5 SP Single Copies the next medal's special attack. Works only when set before a Medal. x32.10
7* KH3 King Mickey Upright/Power 8 3 SP AoE Deals 9 hits. 1 turn: ↑ U-STR 3, P-STR 15, ↓ targets' U-DEF 3, DEF & P-DEF 15. Damage+: the more SP attacks used in succession. x30.95~34.73

Supernova (KH3 Lea): AoE, x140 (x180 if boosted) multiplier, Guilt +200% (250% if boosted) for 1 turn. Activates before Slot 5 when defending in PvP.

Supernova (KH3 King Mickey, if boosted): Single-target, x120 multiplier, for 1 turn: enemy def & P def -10. Activates before Slot 1 when defending in PvP.


Images from this update can be viewed below. Is there anything that you're hoping for in the game?


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^VocaloidLover is right: if you don't already have at least 3 medals with DB5Max (or you at least have the skill medal and are waiting to put it onto an actual medal), then you should definitely get 1 or both of these boards. Heck, maybe even grab one even if you already have 3 DB5Max medals. These things are helpful.

Additionally, TAKE FULL ADVANTAGE OF THIS STORAGE SALE!! These things are extremely rare, with this one being the 3rd one we've ever gotten in the global version. Don't wait too long and be forced to spend 100 jewels for a measly 5 storage spaces.

I wouldn't recommend doing any last-minute pulls from the permanent deals that are leaving. They've been outdated for a while now. I would, however, advise you to spend any extra bronze/silver/gold tickets that you have. Who knows? Maybe you'll get a T8 Blue Fairy medal!

As for Kefka, well... He's free, and he's technically farmable, so... Honestly, the medal itself isn't much to look at, but it could help you sometime, so it's worth trying to get at least 1 copy. You'll need to be the host/MVP in order to get a chance at getting a 6* version, and all boss parts need to be destroyed for a chance at getting the 7* version. If you aren't able to get your raid boss to lv. 99, try working with your party members. As long as you participate in the battle, you'll get rewards!

The "hard mode" versions of the Weaponmaster and Mysterious Sir (aka Gilgamesh and Kefka) are pretty challenging, so don't bite off more than you can chew (and don't spend jewels). The titles aren't really that much to aim for, but it would be good to try and beat Kefka in 5 turns since the reward is the Warrior of Light (WoL) medal. It used to be a high score challenge reward, and it's not exactly great these days, but it's an event medal, so it's nice to have for completion's sake.

The Organization event is nice if you missed the items or weren't playing at that time. The quests themselves are pretty easy, too. You'll get the hair from the first quest each day, and you'll get the title (No. I, No. II, etc.) and a copy of the B version of that Organization member from the 2nd quest (Xemnas B, Xigbar B, etc.). Like the WoL medal, these guys are pretty outdated, but unlike the WoL medal, they're a lot easier to get. (Note: these are not the same as the Organization+ medals. There'll be a chance to earn those later this month, probably.)

The high score challenge, which hasn't been seen since November 2018, is back and "revamped", which apparently means it's even worse than before. While all enemies have been adjusted to account for changes in the game's meta (Supernova medals, etc.), the rewards still need some work. Naturally, those who need jewels the most need to work the hardest while those who need jewels the least get plenty of them for little effort. That being said, use everything you have, but don't pull just for a chance at jewels. Side note: even the other rewards are terrible. The point rewards are literally 1 Chip, 1 Magic Mirror, and 1 Broom. The non-jewel ranking rewards are Moon Gems (good considering how rare they are), Power Gems, and low-tier skill medals (AB3Max for the lowest ranks, AB5Max and AB6Max for the top ranks). Considering that you can get better skills guaranteed in most banners these days, this is pretty insulting. So, to recap: jewels good, but don't chase; Moon and Power Gems also good, but don't chase, and everything else is terrible.

Finally, the new banner. Axel is a nice looking copy medal and would go great on many Keyblade slots (like Fairy Stars' 5th slot). His 5-gauge cost means that an SP skill is almost a necessity, though you have a great opportunity to get one from the new avatar boards mentioned earlier. That being said, he's a non-mercy medal, so watch your jewels if you choose to pull for him. (Also, can we talk about how wrong it is to give the VIP banner a free pull but not the F2P banner? The return of VIP banners continues to be a stupid decision on SENA's part.)

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