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Please be considerate of the new generation of kingdom hearts fans.

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I've been on reddit over the last month talking to new fans who were either introduced to the series through KH3 and want to talk to fans about previous games, or are even going back after playing 3 and starting the series over because they liked 3 so much.

They are out there and I love talking with them and try to be super encouraging and welcoming because some people do hate on them for starting with the ending even though it got them interested.

And I think it's really important to field their questions and catch them up on lore and history and background things that have long gone into unspoken understanding in the fandom because they've been talked about so much. Because they are us older fans in like the late 2000s right now (minus the waiting for kh3) and it's really obvious they wanna talk and fanboy/girl out about stuff with other fans. Even if it's old hat for us, it's really cool to see people coming into it for the first time. And it's up to us older fans to make the community welcoming because they never got that exp we did when we came into it.

They didnt get to nerd out with other people and speculate and talk about it all like we did when it all came out. So here they are doing it now and even though a lot of the gaps are filled I can still see that excitement in the new fans that we had back then when it was new to us. And I hope people dont squash it and ruin it for them. 

It's actually really cool to see people talking about stuff that hasnt been on the forums in years from these new fans because we already talked it all out. 

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"Everyone was new at some point"

I use that when I talk to people at my work, when I talk to new people to games, when I talk to people that are just starting things that I have no interest in/do no work on. EVERYONE was new once. There is nobody that wasn't a person filled with wonder when it came to a specific topic or to a specific fandom. While things may change over the years and you become more jaded/nostalgic/cynical, there is not a single one of us in any room that wasn't in the same boat these new people are in. :)

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