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*Spoilers* My Proud Mode lvl 1 Boss Kills

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Greetings. Been streaming a run of Proud Mode Level 1 and below are my kills of the a Final bosses I have completed so far. I loved doing them and figured I would share them. I am not the greatest player but these bosses were still fairly hard and I loved the emotion put into them. Thanks for your consideration!

My rules are (cept for Mother Gothel’s Heartless) Kingdom Key only w/upgrades. Armor, abilities, magic, and potions. No coin or food

Sköll Defeat

Giant Unversed 


Mother Gothel’s Heartless


Toy King Boss Battle


Titans Boss Battle


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Just added my defeat of Skoll. This boss was super rough to me until I was able to figure it out. I loved this boss and he is one of my favorites. He moves so oddly and can often times be a little unpredictable. Also he does have a few one shot mechanics up his sleeve. Was a lot of fun to fight!


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