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Guys, I need your opinion for a KH-related school assignment...

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Hey everyone, so, a friend and me have been tasked with creating a product for a class (that we don;t really like tbh cx), and since we are fresh out of KH3 we decided to do a parody version of the game of lottery themed after known KH memes and jokes, because, let's be honest, KH is a gold mine when it comes to that ?. (We love the series and it means so much to us, please don't kill us....) You know lottery? I mean, this game?  *See image below
Yeah, we are Mexican x)
Anyway, what we need to know is if you guys would be interested in playing this game but instead filled with jokes towards the names of characters and elemts in the series. Like how many Soras, Rikus, Xehanorts and Ansems there are in the game. Mansex jokes and that one time Xion had Sora's face (but still was Xion's body :v). Master Xehanort's HD wrinkles and veins xD. Things like that.
Well, I await your answers. Thank you so much :D


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Quite an interesting task, how did you do this, tell us about the results? If you have any problems with completing any hometasks in the future, then I can do your homework for you, you just can check over here, all the information is there. If you want to talk, then write to me personally.

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