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Dagesh Lene

Master Xehanort's True Plan [SPOILERS]

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At the end of Kingdom Hearts III, we learned that Master Xehanort's true plan was to use the power of Kingdom Hearts to purge the World with darkness in order to reset the World back to its original state.  He would then become the World's leader, dictating everyone's destiny so that they would not pollute the World with their endless darkness.  Now, it seems that a lot of people think that Master Xehanort wanted to create a World without darkness.  However, I don't think this is accurate.

When Master Xehanort was first introduced in Birth by Sleep, he was depicted as someone who believed that light and darkness should exist in balance.  Dream Drop Distance also described Master Xehanort this way.  If Kingdom Hearts III wanted to go a different direction with Master Xehanort, it probably wouldn't have even brought up Master Xehanort's desire for balance.  However, his desire for balance was brought up in Kingdom Hearts III, and it wasn't just in his character bio, it was also in the Secret Reports, and the Secret Reports (or whatever they are called in the other games) are usually meant to shed more light on the story.  So, if Master Xehanort wanted to do away with darkness, why does Kingdom Hearts III remind you of his desire for a balance between light and darkness?

I think that Master Xehanort still wanted a World that was balanced in light and darkness.  However, while he originally wrote in his Report in Birth by Sleep that there was too much light, it has been changed so that he believed that there was too much darkness.  He said at the end of Kingdom Hearts III that the problem was that the evil in people's hearts begat more darkness.  There was already darkness.  The World began in darkness.  Master Xehanort just believed that the way the World was at the very beginning was the only time that there was a balance between light and darkness, so he wanted to reset it to that state and keep everyone from disrupting the balance.  However, this is just how I understood it.  What do you think?

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That's pretty much an accurate portrayal of what Xehanort did. He believed in balance, and he went through with his belief till the end. I like how he was humanized, a parallel to how Thanos was portrayed in Avengers: Infinity War! And I love the development shown between him and Eraqus!

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