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[4-12-2019] KH III Deal, High Score Challenge, Dual Meow Wow Board

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From 12 AM PT 4/12 until 11:59 PM PT 4/22, another KH III Medal Deal will be available! With each pull you'll be guaranteed 2 KH III medals, 8 5-star or higher Medals, a Magic Broom Medal, and 10 Limited VIP Coins! A 7-star Supernova - Guardian Form Sora, Supernova -  KH III Zeus, or Supernova - KH III Hades will be guaranteed in 10 pulls! Each Supernova - Guardian Form Sora, Supernova -  KH III Zeus, Supernova - KH III Hades, and guaranteed KH III medal pulled will come with one of the following skills: Attack Boost VI Max, Defense Boost I Max, Defense Boost II Max, Defense Boost III Max, Attack Boost V Max & Gauge 1, Attack Boost V Max & Lux+, Triple Threat II. Limited VIP Boards are also available for Trait Medals of the 3 featured medals.

For those that buy the WJE, the VIP Banner for the KH III will be available! Each pull you'll get 4 KHII medals, 6 5-star or higher medals, a Fantasia Mickey B medal, and 10 Limited VIP Coins. A 7-star Supernova - Guardian Form Sora, Supernova -  KH III Zeus, or Supernova - KH III Hades will be guaranteed in 5 pulls!

From 12 AM PT 4/12 until 11:59 PM PT 4/18, a new High Score Challenge will be available! Obtain various rewards like Draw Tickets, Gems, Skill medals, and up to 1000 Event coins!

From 12 AM PT 4/12 until 11:59 PM PT 4/30, the Dual Meow Wow Board will be available! It costs 3000 Jewels to purchase and comes with 3 SAB LV9 Dual Meow Wow Medals.


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Posted (edited)

Another banner, another high score challenge. But overall, a bit disappointing.

First, the banner. It's designed the same way most recent KH3 banners have been, which is both good and bad. As for the medals, I would say that the standout is Hades.
While Guardian Form Sora has a high attack multiplier, he doesn't give any extra buffs/debuffs and his base strength is lower than a lot of the KH3 medals (unlike the recent Key Art 20 which does the same thing but has the highest base strength of any medal so far).
Zeus is an upright power version of Monster Sora which means he's great for PVP, or he would be if he wasn't an overwrite medal. Though it may not seem so bad at first, you have to accept the fact that you will always be doing less damage with him because he sets both Power attack and Power defense at +10/-10 instead of +15/-15. He's not bad if you feel you need a defense break medal for PVP, but Monster Sora is still better, so think about whether you actually need a defense break medal.
Hades works as a combination attacker and buffer, giving high general, reverse, and magic buffs and debuffs (along with a general strength debuff). He's a great replacement for KH3 Maleficent or Young Xehanort on your Fairy Stars setups, too. Keep in mind that only his reverse buffs/debuffs hit 15 while his general- and magic-based buffs/debuffs only hit 10.
While none of these medals are bad to have, Hades stands out as the one with the least drawbacks among the three.
As for Pegasus and Rock Titan, they're not all that great.
Pegasus works as a great buffer, but only for 3 attacks (the first of which is his own), and his multiplier needs him to be at the beginning of the setup for max damage. If you use Pegasus, be sure to have a buffer medal following him to make up for the temporary buffs/debuffs.
Rock Titan may be the most disappointing of the group: the buffs he gives are inconsequential overall, and despite his decent multiplier, he uses up the remainder of your gauges when used. This means he needs to be put at the end of a Keyblade for full effect, or a gauge-restoring medal needs to follow immediately after.
I recommend skipping this banner overall, or at least waiting it out a few days to see what else we're getting for our anniversary.

Moving on to the high score challenge, we have another "revamped" event, though this time the prize is draw tickets instead of jewels. Unsurprisingly, higher-ranking players get more tickets despite likely needing them much less than lower-ranking players. Additionally, the skills that can be obtained are outdated, such as AB6Max and AB3Max. Only the top 4000 players will get draw tickets, though, so I don't recommend wasting jewels in an attempt to get a higher ranking this time around. Maybe when they start giving us unique HSC medals again, but not now. Just do your best and keep trying until you can't get a higher score.

Lastly, the Dual Meow Wow board. Don't buy this. T9 DMW medals are not worth 1000 jewels apiece, especially when you can get them randomly from weekly ticket pulls for placing in PVP rankings. Maybe if this board offered more DMWs for the cost, or lowered the cost to match the number given, but not as it is now. Just ignore it and move along...

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