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Kingdom Hearts Orchestra -World of Tres- Tokyo show recap

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A video breakdown of the first Kingdom Hearts Orchestra -World of Tres- concert has been uploaded online courtesy of Yanilyn Gaming. It is a 34-minute vlog consisting of footage of the venue before the concert, during the intermission, and after the concert, along with a breakdown of the concert's proceedings.

We will summarize Yanilyn’s breakdown, including the order of performances and important announcements from Tetsuya Nomura and Shinji Hashimoto. Additionally, both her video breakdown and her Twitter account can be found at the end of this article.

Yanilyn's breakdown begins with details of the concert's venue, Tokyo International Forum. Exclusive merchandise was being sold at the venue and free items were being given. 12 different postcards featuring Chirithy in different outfits representing the different Zodiac signs were given out, along with a free Mickey pin badge that attendees had to pre-register to receive.

The show itself was a total of 3 hours long, beginning with an orchestral version of Kingdom Hearts III’s Dearly Beloved. All sections of the concert had scenes from the games. Yoko Shimomura then came out to announce that the rest concert was split into two parts. The first part consisted of music from the previous games in the series, while the second consisted of music from Kingdom Hearts III.

The first part of the concert's setlist is as follows:

  • "Dearly Beloved from KINGDOM HEARTS III"
  • "Music from KINGDOM HEARTS"
    • Destiny Islands
    • Traverse Town
    • Hand in Hand
    • Friends in My Heart
  • "Music from Re:Chain of Memories"
    • Scent of Silence
    • Castle Oblivion
  • "Music from KINGDOM HEARTS II"
    • The Afternoon Streets
    • Working Together
    • Reviving Hollow Bastion
    • Cavern of Remembrance
    • Deep Anxiety
  • "Music from 358/2 Days"
    • Critical Drive
    • Sacred Moon
    • Musique pour la Tristesse de Xion
  • "Pretty Pretty Abilities from Re:coded"
  • "Music from Birth by Sleep"
    • The Worlds
    • Dearly Dreams
    • Destiny's Union
    • Night of the Dark Dream
  • "Music from Dream Drop Distance"
    • Dream Eaters
    • Sweet Spirits
    • Majestic Wings
    • Link to All
  • "Music from Another Time"
    • Features various pieces from Union Cross, Back Cover, and 0.2 A fragmentary passage
  • "Diabolic Bash"
    • Consists of battle and boss pieces from across the series

During the performance, different cutscenes were shown from each game. After the above performance, a 20-minute intermission occurred, and the music from Kingdom Hearts III began playing after that.

This part of the concert was called Music from Kingdom Hearts III - World of Tres. The setlist consisted of the following:

  • "Face My Fears -KINGDOM Orchestra Instrumental Version-"
  • "Symphonic Suite - World of Tres I: Of Gods and Toys"
    • Music from Olympus and Toy Box
  • "Symphonic Suite - World of Tres II: Tangled with Scares"
    • Music from Kingdom of Corona and Monstropolis
  • "Symphonic Suite - World of Tres III: A Frozen Fracas"
    • Music from Arendelle
  • "Symphonic Suite - World of Tres IV: A Pirates Tale"
    • Music from the Caribbean
  • "Symphonic Suite - World of Tres V: A Hero’s Journey"
    • Music from San Fransokyo
  • "Overture to the Decisive Battle"
    • Music from the Keyblade Graveyard and Scala ad Caelum boss rushes

An interesting fact about the "Of Gods and Toys" section is that during the field music for Toy Box, the orchestra was snapping their fingers along with the music.

Yoko Shimomura came out after "A Frozen Fracas" and introduced two fellow composers who worked on Kingdom Hearts III's soundtrack, Takeharu Ishimoto and Tsuyoshi Sekito. Ishimoto was the composer for the Caribbean and San Fransokyo worlds along with the boss battles. Sekito was the composer for the Gummi Ship and mini-game sections of KH3.

Yanilyn pointed out that Ishimoto was so shy at the concert that Shimomura joked that he should introduce himself more. Meanwhile, Sekito joked about how he made cute music despite him not seeing himself as cute.

Another fact that came out while the three were talking on stage was that this was the first time Ishimoto had his music arranged in an orchestral fashion.

Afterward, the concert resumed with the continuation of Symphonic Suits World of Tres A Pirates Tale and A Hero's Tale.

Once the World of Tres section ended, "Simple and Clean -KINGDOM Orchestra Instrumental Version" played alongside scenes of the Kingdom Hearts III ending.

With the majority of the concert finished, Shinji Hashimoto was brought out by Yoko Shimomura to announce his retirement as executive producer of the Kingdom Hearts series. He is relinquishing the position to Ichiro Hazama, the producer of the Dissidia and Theatrhythm series of Final Fantasy spin-off titles. Hashimoto himself is not leaving Square Enix, and will continue serving as the brand manager for Kingdom Hearts.

Hazama began introducing himself and quickly brought out the surprise guest of the night, Tetsuya Nomura.

Nomura joked with Hazama for a bit about how suddenly he introduced himself, and announced that while he had nothing new to show, he had brand new DLC info to announce.

Here is an overview of what he announced:

Paid DLC: Kingdom Hearts III: ReMIND

  • Additional Scenario "ReMIND"
  • Limit Cut Episode + Boss
  • Secret Episode + Boss
  • English VA option (only for JP. No word on an equivalent option for non-JP copies)

Free DLC: New Keyblade + New Form

Both ReMIND and the free DLC have a TBA release window.

With these announcements out of the way, the concert began to wind down and Yoko Shimomura came out to personally play the piano and played a special section.

  • "Rhapsody in Tres for Piano, Chorus, and Orchestra"
    • A section dedicated to the end credits music from KH3.

After Yoko's performance ended, she left the stage, and the orchestral version of Don't Think Twice began to play, with scenes of Sora and Kairi appearing on the screen. It was a montage of their moments throughout the series, ending with Sora and Kairi about to share a paopu fruit, but then changing to the final scene of KH3, concluding the concert.

Thank you so much to Yanilyn Gaming for going to the Kingdom Hearts Orchestra World of Tres and making a video breakdown. Below will be her video to watch with more details of the show and her twitter account here.

We will also link to our previous article that features details outside Yanilyn's breakdown along with the concert dates here.

Are you interested in or going to attend the World of Tres concert? Let us know!

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