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Kingdom Hearts: The Key of Destiny RP sign-ups and OoC

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Those who are interested in joining this RP must do so here. Some background:

The Destiny Islands, a small chain of islands off the coast of Twilight Town, currently is in an odd position; It exists in both the realm of light and darkness simultaneously. Perhaps this is why a huge influx of Keyblade wielders have appeared in all realms. The balance is quickly shifting, and wielders of the Keyblades of Darkness must quickly arise to prevent light from taking over entirely. Unfortunately, the struggle is tearing the worlds apart, and Wielders from the sleeping realms rise up to stop them. It's time to pick a side.


Don't be edgy. It's just annoying.

Be nice!

Don't go out of context in the RP thread. Use this one!

Be very descriptive of your character. Include at least their name, Keyblade(Picture is optional), appearance(Picture is Optional), and personality.

No godmodding. This just ruins it.

Any Disney world from Kh1-3 is allowed, and you can request another world here.

Midgar is included, but please refrain from using it until 1 month after FFVIIR.

Thank you!

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