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Delenn Deszcz

Who Is Your Favorite Sonic Character?

Who Is Your Favorite Sonic Character?  

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  1. 1. Who Is Your Favorite Sonic Character?

    • Doctor Eggman
    • Sonic
    • Tails
    • Knuckles
    • Shadow
    • Amy
    • Silver
    • Rouge

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Get out your streamers and party hats! Today is Sonic's birthday! He's turning 28 this year, can you even imagine? Today, in celebration, we wanna ask you guys who your favorite character is. Obviously, we can't list all of the characters because, let's be real, there are loads of them, so we're listing a few of the more popular ones. If we don't list yours, let us know down below! 

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Edited because I don't know how to spell, it's okay.

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I mean most of my experience comes from Sonic Heroes back from when I was maybe nine and hardly knew enough english to have even a basic understanding of what’s going on, so I can’t say I really know Sonic characters that well.

That said, I was pretty fond of the rabbit from Team Rose (I think her name was Cream?). I remember frequently trying to get rid of the other two so I could just play as her (problem being she’s absolutely useless alone).

I also really liked Tails.

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