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[7-8-2019] VIP Quests, Weekly Raid Event, Deluxe Ranking Rewards, Union Cross Update, PvE Coliseum Update, Supernova Falling Price Deal, Hades Cup Event Quests, Draw Tickets Event Quest, White Hedgestar Event Quests

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For those that buy the Weekly Jewels Extravaganza this week, the following VIP Quests will be available to you: Fireworks Avatar Part  & 1400 Jewels Quest, SN+ - KH III Aqua Quest, Pirate Spirit Parts Quest, Attack Boost X Max Quest, Dual Meow Wows [SAB 9] Quest, Blue Fairies Quest, Magic Broom & Magic Mirror Quest, SP Chip & Dale Daily Quest, and Gem x30 Quest.

From 12 AM PT 7/8 until 11:59 PM PT 7/14, a new Weekly Raid Event will be available! Defeat the Raid Boss to get Raid Coins to use on the Raid Boards and earn rewards like a Spirit Part, Magic Broom Medals, Magic Mirror Medals, Chip Medals, and Dale Medals! The Bonus Times for the Raid Boss will be during 2 AM PT - 2:59 AM PT, 8 AM PT - 8:59 AM PT, 2 PM PT - 2:59 PM PT, and 8 PM PT - 8:59 PM PT.

There will also be Deluxe Ranking Rewards this week! High-ranking solo players will get rewards like Power Gems, Draw Tickets, and a Title, while high-ranking parties will get the KH III Sora Doll Avatar Part!

From 12 AM PT 7/8 until 11:59 PM PT 7/21, a new Union Cross update will be available. Complete the quests to get Cross Coins to use on the Cross Boards to get rewards like the Boo Snuggly Avatar Part, Magic Broom Medals, Magic Mirror Medals, Jewels, and more! The Extra Hard Boss Times where you can earn even more Cross Coins are during 4 AM PT - 4:29 AM PT, 10 AM PT - 10:29 AM PT, 2 PM PT - 2:29 PM PT, 7 PM PT - 7:29 PM PT, and 11 PM PT - 11:29 PM PT.

From 12 AM PT 7/1 until 11:59 PM PT 7/31, a new PvE Coliseum update will be available! Obtain Coliseum Coins to get various rewards like the Balloon KH III Sora Avatar Part, Chip Medals, Dale Medals, Scrooge Medals, and Huey & Dewey & Louie Medals!

From 12 AM PT 7/8 until 11:59 PM PT 7/19, the Supernova - Falling Price Deal will be available to celebrate 10 Million Downloads! The first pull will be free and you're guaranteed a Medal that can evolve to SN+ in 3 pulls! Each pull also guarantees 3 KH III Medals, 7 5-star or higher Medals, 5 Magic Mirror Medals, and 10 Limited VIP Coins!

From 12 AM PT 7/8 until 11:59 PM PT 7/31, the Hades Cup returns to celebrate 10 Million Downloads! There are a total of 15 rounds and you can get various rewards like Draw Tickets, Gems, Medals, and up to 6000 Jewels!

From 12 AM PT 7/8 until 11:59 PM PT 7/14, the first part of the Draw Tickets Quest will be available! Complete the objectives to get up to 7 Draw Tickets! Part 2 will last from 7/15 - 7/21, part 3 will last from 7/22 - 7/28, and part 4 will last from 7/29 - 7/31.

From 12 AM PT 7/8 until 11:59 PM PT 7/17, the White Hedgestar Spirit Parts Quests will be available! Complete objectives to get the Spirit Parts along with Draw Tickets!


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It's been busy for a couple of days, but I finally have some time to reply to this.

Right, so we've got another KH3 Aqua VIP week. 30 of each gem is pretty appealing, so getting VIP this week would be better than many other weeks have been. It's not a "you must do it" situation, but it's still pretty good. (Also, it's the "first" time ABXMax is showing up, if you don't count the ones we've gotten from previous Coliseum rewards.)

Raid week is in full swing, which means there's an extra 300 jewels in it for anyone who can clear the first board. Also, draw tickets for the top 1000 players in each union is nice (10 for top 100, 5 for the rest).

Coliseum quests this month feature Power enemies and it's recommended to use the upgraded single-attribute keyblades to get further. The reward this month is ABXMax+SP2; definitely a helpful skill to have.

The Supernova banner is pretty appealing. It's a falling price deal with a 3-pull mercy, though the mercy medal could be any Supernova+ medal (even the T8 ones like Sephiroth and Key Art 19). If you're trying for a high-power medal, be prepared for the possibility of getting a "lesser" medal. Also, keep an eye on how many pulls you're doing, as each one counts toward activating a second pet training slot (for 3 days). Even the free first pull counts.

The Hades Cup is full of Magic enemies which means you'll want to prioritize Speed medals. That being said, there is currently a strategy that can be used to easily take out Hades on quest 15. You'll need a way to debuff the enemy (or yourself) to -15 defense (something like KH3 Kairi A or Pirate Sora), Anti-Aqua (can be a shared medal), and a medal with Second Chance. If you don't use a medal to debuff yourself, then you'll need to use the T3 CoM Namine medal instead (it'll copy the enemy's debuffed defense onto you). Also, it's important to not have any Def Boost skills at all. If your setup has been done properly, Hades will kill you on turns 1 and 2, then receive reflected damage (thanks to Anti-Aqua) which will kill him.

You can get 7 Draw Tickets if you beat all of the enemies in the quest, which includes the Angry Adventurer from the last time we got this quest. He should be much easier to defeat with the new medals we now have, but remember that you have a week to do so (a few days as of writing this, but still), so keep trying!

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