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Final Fantasy IX - Depths of Oeilvert

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Hey all!

Not too long ago, I mentioned that I was working with a group called the Pixel Mixers on a Final Fantasy IX homage project. Well, the project is finally fully released and I'd like to share my contribution to the project!

The song is called "Depths of Oeilvert" which is based on the location "Oeilvert" aka the place where your magic is locked out x_X. The theme is actually one of many rearrangements of the main theme song, "The Place I'll Return to Someday", but to keep it simple, I just went with a variation of the same name as the OST.

You can download the entire MASSIVE project for Free now. I will include the links to everything below, however you can also find the links in the video description.


Composed and Vocals By: Key Jay (After Nobuo Uematsu)
Mastered By: Ro Panuganti

▶ Download/Stream THIS song: https://soundcloud.com/keyjayhd/oeilvert
▶ Download FULL album FREE:

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