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Vector to the Heavens- Musical storytelling in (and out of) video games

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This was very good!  Vector to the Heavens is one of my favorite pieces from the Kingdom Hearts series, and it will always stand out to me as probably the moment that me feel the most emotional.

I will never forget just how impactful the final boss fight against Xion was for me, and it was mostly thanks to Vector to the Heavens.  The previous three stages of the Xion boss fight only used the generic boss themes found throughout the rest of the game.  This was honestly a bit disappointing for me since a final boss fight should have more than just generic boss music in my opinion.  However, the moment I saw Xion in her giant form and Vector to the Heavens started playing, I immediately was floored with how impactful it was.  I could tell from the music alone that this was it.  One of us was going to die.  And it didn't help that Xion kept yelling, "Stop holding back!"  It was as if she knew I didn't want to kill her.  It was such a well done moment and will go down in history as one of my favorite moments in all of videogames.

Vector to the Heavens is an example of why I love boss themes so much.  They can be anything from dark and serious to happy and silly and everything inbetween.  When done right, they do such a great job of capturing the emotions you are supposed to feel, and Vector to the Heavens is one of my go to examples when I discuss this topic.

However, as much as I love Vector to the Heavens, Kingdom Hearts III introduced a boss theme that I love even more, which I am sure you will talk about in one of the upcoming parts of your series, and I can't wait to watch it!  Keep up the great work!

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