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Delsin Rowe

What will the new Data Battles in the DLC be like?

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So we saw tidbits of the new Data Battles with the Vanitas and Xigbar fights with each showing off new attacks and gimmicks. This of course basically confirms that Data Battles will be returning with each member of the new Organization 13 having their own one on one battles with Sora. That being said, what do you guys think that each fights will have? I'm really curious how their gonna do the Xion boss fight, because technically she was a Seeker of Darkness and a playable boss in the Keyblade Graveyard. Also really interested to see how they do Master Xehanorts boss fight, are they just gonna make us redo his final boss fight at the end of the game, or do a completely revamped boss fight for him? Anyway what do you guys think?

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I just thought about something. If there's going to be Data Battles again, that means there must be a computer somewhere with the Data of the new Organization XIII's members. How about if that "computer" is also where the Dandelions from UX are trapped? 

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