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Wheel of Fate, Starlight, Star Cluster and Master Xehanort Keyblade keychains are now avaliable for pre-order

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Square Enix Europe and the Square Enix North America have added the Wheel of Fate, Starlight, Star Cluster and Master Xehanort (No Name) Keyblade keychains for pre-order on their stores!  All keychains can be pre-ordered for 10% off.

Each keychain costs £18,99 and they release in March 2020 in Europe. 

Each keychain costs $19.99 and they release in February 2020 in North America.

image.png.ce774696d50a58ad5bf119f33d28e7d8.pngWheel of Fate: Europe Store, North American Store


image.png.9b1709c56b716763792a40ed5e25c182.png Starlight: Europe Store, North American Store


image.png.30c02eabf0e6aa45599608f1741e2841.pngStar Cluster (Mickey's Keyblade): Europe Store, North American Store


image.png.077be611621e7d69fe4dc28c9e97deea.pngMaster Xehanort's Keyblade: Europe Store, North American Store


Once again, you can pre-order these from the Square Enix Europe store and Square Enix North American store right now.

Are you excited for these keychains? Do you find them to be worth the value?

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