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Make a purchase from the Square Enix Japan e-store to be entered in a raffle for a Kingdom Hearts lucky bag and more

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Until December 2nd, place an order for the lucky bags from the Square Enix Japan e-store to be entered into a raffle to purchase a lucky bag worth up to 20,000 yen for 10,000 yen. Lucky bags consists of items from titles such as Kingdom Hearts, Final Fantasy, Final Fantasy XIV, and Dragon Quest! There is also a lucky bag that specifically contains Bring Arts figures! Lucky bags are at random and it cannot be guaranteed which one you will get. Five winners are chosen on December 6th at 15:00 JST. Once a winner is chosen they have until December 12th to pay and secure their lucky bags. 

Note: Placing an order does not require you to pay right away. You will only need to pay if you win! Good luck!

Thank you to @Ryuji_Shiryu for the translations!

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Has the Square Enix Japan e-Store changed their payment policy to accept foreign credit cards outside of Japan? 

Not to dash anyone's hopes right away, but unless you own a Japanese credit card or know someone who does, you'd probably have to use a proxy service just to purchase on the site, but whether or not the proxy service is also willing to help you enter the prize raffle is a whole other issue.

Here's hoping they bring something like this to the Square Enix e-Stores outside of Japan...

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