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Kingdom Hearts III Re Mind logo now available on Square Enix Press Center

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The Kingdom Hearts III Re Mind DLC logo is now available to download from the Square Enix Press Centre.


The Kingdom Hearts III Re Mind DLC has been announced for release in the coming winter. So far, there have been two trailer releases; the first was released on so and so, and the latest, almost two-minutes-long trailer was released ahead of TGS 2019. You can watch it below, and read our analysis of it here.

From previous trailers and information reveals, this is what we know about Kingdom Hearts III Re Mind:

  • In some of the additional battles featured in the DLC, players will be able to switch characters.
  • Roxas can be selected after advancing through additional scenarios, like those with Riku and Aqua.
  • Exciting new link attacks with party members will be available during certain battles.
  • The Oathkeeper and Oblivion Keyblades are being added with a unique Formchange for both in an update that will release simultaneously with Re Mind.
  • A secret episode will be added that includes a boss/bosses.
  • A Limit Cut episode will be added that also includes the Limit Cut boss/bosses.
  • New story content will be added, including a scenario named “Re Mind” containing a lot of cutscenes.
  • The number of new bosses in Re Mind (or, at least, the Limit Cut bosses) will be roughly as many as there were in Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix.
  • Additional scenarios are independent of and can be enjoyed after clearing the main story.
  • There will be an English language option available for Japanese version of the game.
  • Nomura wants to release Re Mind quickly, and not too close to Final Fantasy VII: Remake's release in March 2020.

The Disney Ambassador Hotel in Japan also has a special room named after Kingdom Hearts III Re Mind.

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4 hours ago, CreamyIceCreamBoi said:

Nothing on adding more than 9 save files? I still don't understand how the latest game in the series has only 9 save slots while KH1, 2, and 0.2 have 99.

My guess is limits.

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58 minutes ago, matteso586 said:

My guess is limits.

But the save data is on your system, especially with external hard drives, there effectively is no limit. You should be able to save till your storage is full if you want. Then you can buy a hard drive and save more.

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When ReMind does launch be it December or January, I'm going to take a leave of absence from the internet just in case I don't get it early. Spoilers will be everywhere again and I want to discover the truths for myself :D

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