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It is currently 11 pm and I wanna talk about this COnTrOvErSiAl topic

I hate that the mere act of talking about FF representation in KH is now a dumpster fire waiting to happen. It's incredibly stupid, that people have tried so hard to dismiss this topic, yet it remains to be the one problem that even some ardent KH3 fans will admit to sharing and that really pisses some allegedly "positive" people off. How dare fans enjoy something that has been a fairly large part of the main games!

I should probably make clear, I do include TWEWY as this, I suppose a better catch all term is SE characters. In my opinion, there's limitless potential for FF characters to appear in KH games, both previous and upcoming. Not only would some characters tie in brilliantly with Disney worlds (I can't really get over how well Zidane would fit in a King of Thieves Agrabah), but more of them can tie in even better to the main plot. And even if they don't tie into the main plot, KH2 has given sufficient setup for future games to take advantage of the FF crowd currently already in the series and give them their own sub plots. Pretty neat huh.

I've touched vaguely in plenty of other posts going back years now on this topic, almost all of which are along the lines of "Vaan in Treasure Planet!!!!!" however I recently played FF8 to the end for the first time, and there was something that really intrigued me. It wasn't Rinoa and her tease in the KH2 credits, but it was actually Squall's adoptive older sister Ellone.

In case you haven't played the game, let me give you a very brief and quite likely incorrect briefing on Ellone:

She was made an orphan at a very young age, raised by Squall's parents whom she referred to as uncle and auntie, kidnapped by oppressive forces who wanted to use her powers for their own ends, eventually sent to an orphanage along with Squall, said orphanage could not protect her for all that long and thus she was put on a ship for her own safety, with no way to contact her brother, and very little stability in her life at all.

Did I also mention, her powers are of the "affects memory" kind? Now who does that remind you of?

Why it can only be: :naminelaugh:

Not only are the parallels between the two characters pretty great, but as Ellone is someone who's about a decade (well seeing as Namine's like 2 years old maybe two) older she could offer a lot to Namine in the way of mentorship, advice, or perhaps even just being a cute cameo if that's all it amounts to, but personally I believe there's a lot of depth here for a fleshed out relationship to be achieved.


What FF/SE character would you like to implement and how would it even work? Or would it just be a SQUEEE AURON type cameo? Both would be A okay with me, but there's one that I definitely prefer.


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I'd love to see characters from Nier Automata appear in KH sometimes. I dunno how they'd do it, but it'd be amazing. It's possible, as it is published by SE. I'd also love to have Gilgamesh in KH. He's as goofy and nutty as most KH characters so he'd fit right in. He was always obsessed with the Excalibur and was travelling dimensions, so what if he stumbled into Radiant Garden, saw the keyblade, wanted it, beat up Sora, was defeated and then as a reward we get and Excalibur keyblade? May sound a bit like Sephiroth but that's the basis of an idea I'd kill to see. Now that I've written this I realised how much I want it now!!!

Other than that I'm good with the FF characters they've included so far, but I want them more involved, as FF has become a small side element that they went so far as to leave them out of the main game. This game was FF + Disney from the start and they should keep that way. They won't ever let Disney go, that's their main marketing material that traps most new players, but FF isn't as good for marketing so I guess they feel they can drop it whenever, but that's simply not really acceptable to us fans.

They do seem to be getting FF involved more in a way, what with Yazora and everything. Still, the Yazora deal I feel as if it's closer to being KH original stuff than FF content. I just wanna see more of the Radiant Garden gang and not have the pawned of into being just DLC.

And lastly, while FF will probably stay included to some degree or else certain fans will riot and kill Nomura, I don't think they'll ever include a character from FFV or before sadly...

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