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*Spoilers* Kingdom Hearts III Re Mind Spoilers Chat

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he started dissapearing in the final world before he even went back with kairi and chirithy

meaning sora did indeed vanish from their universe essentially and is somewhere beyond them now

the phrasing of what chirithy said is what intrigues me "you wont be able to return to the world you came from"

chirithy isnt saying he blatantly died, but more so he has been removed from their reality

MoM used the power of waking and thats probably why he vanished

because he said one day I might just dissapear

Luxu journal says they basically are going to bring back their master in the present

or that hes going to return soon

im not sure if hes sora, because soras eyes cant do that

again Xehanort wouldve recognized his name if he was called sora

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