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*Spoilers* Kingdom Hearts III Re Mind Spoilers Chat

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but he looked mildy surprised to hear his name

i think it might be developed in Kingdom Hearts Dark Road Chat

like we might learn of the lost masters

because interestingly enough the foretellers are not considered "lost masters" in the journal

he wasnt time travelling though

he was simply seeing worlds

he refers to them as the "ones from the fairy tales" because before this he never knew any worlds beyond his own and scala

sora in KH1 refers to the stuff he does as "more than a fairy tale"

if hes demyx imma be mad

we already have one body snatcher from the OG org, we dont need another

I have a feeling master of masters is a brand new character

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I think the timeline is more
Xehanort lived in the island > Left to Scala and trained there > Met MoM > Traveled throughout different worlds > Met MoM again > went back to the island > Met Ansem and time travelled

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remember how we never even learned xemnas name until the battle of 1000 heartless

well in the re:mind cutscene he says "i have this feeling like I'm meant for a certain purpose" thats him having a feeling about the time travel, he was given the time travel powers before he left destiny islands

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i doubt it is

would be a funky twist tho

i like xemnas line to roxas "im whats left, or maybe im all that ever was"

xemnas is essentially saying that emotionally, he might have always been heartless

even back before he became a nobody

Xemnas shows an air of contempt for what he is

he really is the best villain this series ever has

he sees the faults of his original life, and hopes to create a better one in this life, but first he needs a heart

the whole "oh xemnas lied" thing is the worst decision nomura ever made

it destroys the character of the original xemnas

no but i mean to everybody else

xemnas is so cool, but the og xemnas is hands down the best

simply because he actually treated his members like members

they were outcasts and he wanted to give them purpose

abandoned by both sides of reality

doomed to be on the brink of complete non existence

the original concept for nobodies was inhumanely dark

I like the line "gentlemen, the hero of the keyblade has set out on a new journey, make sure it is one he does not forget... now GO"

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og nobodies were originally like if you killed them, they were gone forever

whenever i killed an orginization member, i felt really bad for them

sora is literally killing these "people"

but in a way they stayed together

when roxas goes "look sharp" and then goes back to sora, I was like "that is so cool"

see the thing i expected nomura to do was have it be although nobodies die forever, their somebodies reform with no memory of their time as nobodies

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