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*Spoilers* Kingdom Hearts III Re Mind Spoilers Chat

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1 hour ago, Otti#8624 said:


And if you have a Kupo coin, he steals it too

And then uses it when he dies

Just glide horizontally when he uses that move to steal your items.  I beat him with a Kupo coin, he never stole any of my items

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Just now, Orpheus Joshua said:

Reason some people don't take it in case in spite of that is because you can stagger him at the end of that move

You just hit him with Thunder from a distance when he starts to say "gotcha" then airstep to him.  He won't steal anything

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13 minutes ago, Orpheus Joshua said:

Thunder works at the end of that?

Yeah the one where he shoots the beam three times.  After the third beam disappears he says "gotcha!" and that's your oppurtunity to use thunder.  It might take a little practice but overall i find it to be one of his easier moves to punish


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I’m taking a break been fighting him for like 3 hours

My general consensus is that this is probably in the top 5 hardest bosses in the series

So of the data org fights this is my list from hardest to easiest:
3. Vanitas
4. Master Xehanort
5. Terranort
6. Xemnas
7. Young Xehanort
8. Ansem
9. Xigbar
10. Larxene
11. Marluxia
12. Riku Replica
13. Luxord

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