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*Spoilers* Kingdom Hearts III Re Mind Spoilers Chat

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In fact when Xehanort suggested that he basically disagreed to that

Nothing MoM has ever done has been for order.

Xehanort was not an agent of chaos

He literally believed there needed to be order

He summoned Kingdom Hearts to literally rewrite the world and dictate the destiny of others in am orderly fashion

He wanted order, control, not chaos

No MoM asked why not sit back and watch and Xehanort explained why

MoM didn't straight up tell him that chaos was the answer. He suggested that order wasn't necessary. Xehanort has always been about order and balance. Xehanort literally wanted to avoid chaos.

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He will be eventually, probably only when Sora shows up and does his same old shit to defy MoM

Let's be honest if Sora and MoM met, MoM would try to manipulate Sora

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Alright that's fair, but something tells me Sora won't give MoM the answers he's looking to get out of him

Which would probably only frustrate MoM into getting a little more serious.

Actually they did mess with his heart because when Xigbar messed with Sora near the end of the game Sora said he just followed his heart and Xigbar literally says "Thank you Sora's heart!"

Every time they interacted with Sora they always questioned his heart. They focused solely on Sora's emotions.

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It's kind of neat separates the nort stuff from new by a bit

And an excuse to age the characters up

Riku is like 18 I think

there was like no time

esp between ddd and 3 since like 3 legit picks up the moment 3d ends

coded happened during kh2 credits solved

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true but she also can do some pretty crazy moves

2 to DDD was like, a couple of weeks iirc

not a lot of time

and DDD probably took like, a day

haha or the Ultimania's to be a bit clear on that

also knowing square they'd love the extra cash

but who knows

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