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Was It Always Been This Way (Re Mind spoilers)

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I've been thinking since at least the DLC has been released. Is it possible that the story of Re Mind is a stable time loop (look it up on TV Tropes)? Sora is always destined to go back in time to repair Kairi's heart, and assist the remaining guardians at destroying the Xehanort replicas? If Sora's trip to the past is a stable time loop, there's no other way to explain the LIngering Will's disappearance. And I don't think future!Sora's presence is what caused the Xehanort replicas to attack the remaining guardians.


Then again. Shouldn't Sora and Kairi wait for the former's past self to go to the past before bringing Chirithy?



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I think yes, it is a timeloop, as you say that explains things like the fate of the LW

However while it solves some things, in typical KH fashion, it also raises other questions

For this to work I think we might need to assume that it is possible to create multiple timelines when you time travel (maybe that is what the reports meant when they used the term "worldline")

Sora and Kairi return to the original timeline from where Sora departs at the beginning (which by now is just a couple minutes away) they take chirithy and the ending happens. 

PROBLEM: past Sora (the one who was in scala) still has no kairi since she left to the future and now would need to go in his own re:mind journey (his chirithy would still be there since future Sora and Kairi returned to the final world in timeline A, and past Sora is in timeline B) but if we remember, in the original ending (timeline A) everyone was against Sora going in search for Kairi, Mickey tried to stop him, but in this timeline B the guardians SAW kairi coming back so they would have no reason to oppose Sora's journey, effectively creating a loop, in which each Sora restores a Kairi from a past timeline and brings her to his own time, forcing the past version of Sora to do the same. We now know that in the cutscene in destiny islands that everyone is from timeline A except Kairi who is from timeline B


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