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KHUX SN++ - Rage form Sora

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Do you have suggestion on trait to use?

Actually i have:

  • extra attack power 40%
  • STR+1000
  • Ground Enemy def -60%
  • Damage in raids+40%
  • Def+2000

My keyblade settings are always in auto with Kairi KH III a usually in first position.

For me is not totaly clear on how to manually set every keyblade.


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The traits you have are all pretty great already, but you'll want to replace that Def +2000 with something better. The game doesn't say it, but that trait is effectively worthless and has been since traits were introduced. Ideally, you'd want air defense -60, or possibly another raid +40.

If you were talking about which skill to give it, though, I'd say something like Atk Boost 11 Max + GA 0 (or GA 1/GA 2, if you have any of them).

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thank you.

ive just received air defense -60. I think im ok now.

What about the draw point deal? Should i sell every medal under 5 stars? I have really a lot

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You should take advantage of it, but it would be a good idea to wait until it gets updated on 2/6. For now, just hold onto the medals you have.

In terms of which medals you should sell, there's a lot. The game doesn't care whether they're 5*, 6*, or 7*. What it does care about is the tier level. So if you have a 5* T2 Donald, it'll still be worth 2 points (just like a 7* T2 Hercules would also be only 2 points). It's up to you if you want to keep one of every medal (collectors usually do), but for the most part, you can sell every T2-T7 medal you have. Be aware of what you're getting rid of before you commit to anything, though: there are still a small handful of T4, T6, and T7 medals that can be upgraded to T9 if you have enough of them. Also, never unequip a medal that is being used to boost your subslots: there's no guarantee you'll be able to replace it, and that would weaken your setups.

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