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Which Kingdom Hearts Heroine is your favorite?

Which Kingdom Hearts Heroine is your favorite?  

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  1. 1. Which Kingdom Hearts Heroine is your favorite?

    • Kairi
    • Namine
    • Xion
    • Aqua

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1. Namine - she is the most wholesome and helpful one, without ever fighting or owning a Keyblade. Also, I like her simple, feminine design - it's beautiful.

2. Xion - I just like stuff and people related to the melancholic themes, and anything related to Roxas and TT is exactly that. Plus, I find shy gals with problems extra interesting, sometimes heartmelting, lol.

3. Aqua - she is the coolest/hottest one when it comes to her looks. Her abilities are pretty unique too. But her persoanlity is just... boring to me. I respect her for what she does, and having more people like her IRL would surely be great, though.

4. Kairi - she is too inconsistent, and being THIS "cutesy" makes me take her less seriously as a warrior. At least when it comes taking on more serious threats than a typical Heartlesses.

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Namine is my 3rd favourite character in KH, so her. I'm surprised anyone pick Kairi, she's totally useless and has no development. I guess that works for some people though.

Also, Ava is a close second - she's a sweetie and I really hope she becomes a bigger part of the plot. She as potential as a character.

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1. Xion: she's the most realistic KH girl for me, she cares more for others than herself, she always tries to do the right thing, she made mistakes, she laughed, cried and grieved even when she thought she didn't have a heart.

2. Aqua: her as a character is awesome, she's by far the best character in BBS, I love her mature snd motherly personality, her gameplay, and how selfless she is

3. Larxene: she might look like a bitch but I think we still haven't got to see much about her, I can't wait to find out more in next KH games

4. Namine: Namine sometimes can look bland or boring compared to the others but that's just bc her personality is shy, she's a total sweetheart

5. Kairi: KH1 Kairi was great and iconic, I miss the days were Kairi had a personality and her only character arc wasn't "Sora's girlfriend" but this hasn't changed yet... She isn't a character by herself yet imo

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Xion for me. Though Kairi is getting better. Aqua would be second...in fact I'll just make a list for the current cast.

1: Xion

2: Aqua

3: Kairi

4: Ava/Namine

5: Olette

6: Skuld

7: Invi

8: Streliztia...or however you spell it.

I don't dislike any of them, but some just feel kinda there for me at the current time.

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All the heroines in this series are amazing, but Aqua stands out as my favorite. She's part of one of my favorite Trios in the series, and her struggles and character development are so good! And not only is she beautiful, she's dreadfully adept at handling herself with the Keyblade and with magic! 

So naturally, when we got to see her Darkened Form...oooh, sexy! <3

But seriously though, she's a bleeding heart for the ones she loves, and I'm so happy she got a happy ending with Terra and Ventus!

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