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Kingdom Hearts Dark Road Chat

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nah the maleficent at the end of ux is the same one that returned to the kh2s timeline so theres no way she can influence elrena into being larxene

again, maleficent isnt gonna know larxene showed up on her home world cause the timeline she (elrena) showed up seem to be right after maleficent is gone in kh1

that is kh2

her "original time" is via kh2 where she return

cause maleficent got sent to ux's timeline mentioning sora

so this was after her encounter with sora in kh1 and then she returned in kh2 via the fairies remembering her so ux made a point of mentioning you need to travel forward in time by having someone remember you

so thus the three fairies remembering her and making her existance possible again with memories intact thus jumpstarting her search for the box in kh3

therefore its not possible for elrena and maleficent to interact that way in that time since by the time of kh2 larexene is dead

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if they die, we'll probably see it, the new dude we saw for 1 second is super weird so, could be the one killing them

i don't think a disney villain will do anything, they are never part of any major event, outside maleficent

yes, but that would be a letdown i feel

unless it's one with a specific meaning

i fear we are steering away from disney

not really fear for me but...

oh i was thinking more about the future of the series

they will probably just reuse UX assets for DR, but that really long pause may hide some surprise

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