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Kingdom Hearts Dark Road Chat

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its not a retcon. if you rewatch the cutscenes they explain that, yes, you will forget everything that happened, but it still leaves a mark in your heart. that mark is what leads xehanort on his path because even though he doesn't remember any of it, that experience has been etched into his heart

the only thing thats been changed is that, from ddd to today, it went from the young xehanort taken from his first journey off the island to now being the xehanort that returned to the island after training at some point

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not like he has the exact same keyblade or anything lul
its a tossup between him and ephemer since he also had it for a time. we'll see if brain gets it back in ML i guess

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if you've moved to a new phone after the theatre only update that will be the case

and unless you still have the old phone and havent formatted it then its goneeee

i think you could have copied over the folder if you still had access to it but dont quote me on that

but i immediately formatted my phone like an idiot, which unrelated to this but i also lost a bunch of 2FA codes that way too bc THEY DONT BACK UP TO THE CLOUD EITHER

got most of the accounts back and the ones i lost were honestly for the better but still lmfao. make sure ya save those 2FAs kiddos

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