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Has anyone beat the entire DLC on Critical?

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I finally beat Xehanort and Xion after several hours of failed attempts and now that i'm at the secret boss i almost don't even want to try.  Can anyone who's finished the whole thing tell me how much harder he is than Xehanort and Xion?  If he's significantly more difficult i don't even know man, i might give up.

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Update:  This was a stupid post because i ended up trying him anyways almost immediately after i posted and answered my own question.  He's definitely harder, but not by a lot.  Toughest thing about him so far (i haven't even made it to his DM) is that his laser attacks are super fast, super deadly, and don't count as a combo.  So you get hit by 2 of them consecutively and you're done. 

His attack that steals your keyblade and the one that steals your items are actually very easy to avoid, so i think i'll use a kupo coin this time

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