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A connection between Type-0 and khux

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I started playing Type-0 recently now that I have a renewed interest in the Fabula Nova Crystallis series thanks to KH3.

I don't know what this means... But I feel like it's probably something important...

This is the window in the Rubrum chancellor's office in FF Type-0.


As you can see... It's the same. Nearly identical.

The story of Type-0 has a lot in common with khux. Type-0 is about (spoilers?) a group of students from a magic academy who fight in an endless war which has been repeating over 600 million times. When I heard about the war from the MoM's past, it sounded familiar.

Jack has the same JP voice as Demyx and he acts exactly like him.

King has the same JP voice as the MoM and he looks more similar to Demyx, but his personality is more serious.

The Rubrum region is governed by the power of the Vermilion Bird, which is a phoenix. The phoenix is synonymous with rebirth and reincarnation. So my mind's like... What, did these two guys get reincarnated as one person in a new world? Or maybe Orience (the world of Type-0) is the past of KH? Or it's a very close parallel world?

There's also a lot of very eerily familiar symbolism in Type-0 with all of the gears... And eyes...... A lot of eyes... And books...

In particular, this motif seems to be loosely made to resemble the symbol of Etro, which is an eye. You can see it both horizontally and vertically here. For a while, I've been wondering if the Gazing Eye and the Eyes of Etro (the ability to see the future) were the same. I also have this weird feeling that Etro's Gate and Kingdom Hearts might be the same.

idk, I guess this is a theory. lol

Edit: I kiiind of meant to post this in the KH3 section, but I ended up putting it here instead by accident. I don't think I can move it myself. It's not like it's off-topic, so I guess it's fine. *shrugs* (But hey, if a mod or someone could move it, that'd be neat.)

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Huh! Curious! I don't know as much of Final Fantasy as of Disney, but this quite a coincidence. 

But anyway, the worlds that are not based on a Disney movie (Traverse Town, Radient Garden, Twilight Town...) are usually the one who gathers elements and characters from Final Fantasy. Therefore, considering this, maybe some characters from Type-0 could appear in KHUX, somehow. 

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More major Type-0 spoilers here. Warning for you.

I sat and thought about this for a long time and basically came to the conclusion that the MoM seems a lot like Dr. Al-Rashia. It's almost like after she left, he resumed her experiment. We're just collecting "Lux" now instead of Phantoma. (I'm also amused by this thought because she was called "Mother" and we call him... "MoM".)

Nomura came up with the concept of "13 students" who would be represented by different virtues.

Sounds a lot like the 7 Foretellers who represent the deadly sins.

Al-Rashia was trying to create Agito (the messiah who could break through Etro's Gate to the unseen realm) from her students. For millions of spirals, they were always selfless and would choose to obey, but their attempts never succeeded. What the MoM has done seems similar, but it's like he's going in the opposite direction, choosing self-centered people as his apprentices.

Orrrr maybe the MoM is from a spiral where Jack (or whoever) did become Agito. The MoM has a lot of "messiah" imagery going on, so I can't tell if he IS a god or if he just fancies himself a god. However, if that IS the case, that might explain where he got the power to see the future.

Tabata apparently wanted there to be a sequel which is why there was a secret ending. That ending was really interesting because it showed Ace being resurrected in some kind of samurai armor in a shrine, presumably in Japan or China. There was also some promotional artwork of him standing in a realistic-looking Hong Kong city. Reminds me of how we have a very realistic depiction of Shibuya in KH now.

In that ending, it seemed like Ace was being revived by the spirit of the Vermilion Bird crystal. So the crystals are still around. They just disappeared for that one spiral when Al-Rashia left. Without her in the world anymore to compete with Gala over Etro's Gate, someone would have to defend the crystals. Like a warrior of light. Like, you know... Someone who's really into light. Possibly someone who considers themselves the true light. lol (If we find out that the crystal actually is in the clock tower somewhere, I'll lose my mind.)

Also, these colors remind me of the secret ending:


With Yozora on one side of Shibuya and the MoM in the other, this does make it seem like Sora and Riku have found themselves between Versus XIII and Type-0. (Or "Agito XIII"? Nomura definitely cared more about the Fabula Nova Crystallis mythos than Tabata, so I'm sure he had his own ideas for it.)

Okay, one more thing... I just find it interesting that Jack's eyes are blue and King's are red. Reminds me of Yozora and it also reminds me of how the Gazing Eye is normally blue, but in battle it can turn red. It might also just be a l'Cie thing. When any of the Class Zero students became l'Cie, their eyes would change to a glowing red.

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