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Enchanted Dominion's story, Castle of Dreams' story, and Dwarf Woodlands' story: Kingdom Hearts Series Character Files translations

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The Kingdom Hearts Series Character Files translations for the world stories of Enchanted DominionCastle of Dreams, and Dwarf Woodlands are now available!

The Kingdom Hearts Series Character Files features over 200 characters from the entirety of the series thus far, with several short stories from Tomoco Kanemaki (the writer of the Kingdom Hearts light novels). You can purchase the book for ¥3,080 (approx. $28.03) from the Square Enix e-Store directly or from AitaiKuji, who deliver official and exclusive Japanese pop culture items!

You can check out more exclusive character and worlds stories from Kingdom Hearts Series Character Files below:

The translations for Enchanted Dominion's story “Sleeping Light by Terra”, Dwarf Woodlands' story “I’m Wishing by Aqua”, and Castle of Dreams' story “Bibbidi-Bobbidi-Boo! by Ventus” can be viewed below! All three of these translations are courtesy of Cherrim.


Enchanted Dominion Story
"Sleeping Light" by Terra

What he could sense from the sleeping girl was Light, and it was so similar to what he had felt from Ven before. This was Enchanted Dominion.

"Her heart is filled with light—not the slightest touch of darkness. Just the kind of heart I need.” A woman addressed him and emerged from the cover of darkness, cloaked in a black robe.

Oh, so does that mean Ven’s heart was full of light, too? Mine sure isn’t like that.

I turned to her and asked, “For what?”

"Seven of the purest hearts, each overflowing with light... When brought together, they grant the power to rule all worlds,” she said.

Her goal was the worlds themselves. And she had darkness all around her—she was the complete opposite of the sleeping girl.

"In your heart, there is darkness just waiting to be awakened,” she said. She gave an eerie laugh.

"I don’t know what you’re talking about—”

"Do not bother resisting. I have power over sleep.”

The woman—Maleficent—raised her staff, and before I could even try to fight it, I fell into a deep sleep.

What happened after that, I have no idea.


Dwarf Woodlands Story
"I’m Wishing" by Aqua

The mirror that led me astray—Mirror, Mirror…

The first time I confronted this mirror was when I had just started my journey. I became a Keyblade Master, set off with Terra, and chased after Ventus, all while searching for Master Xehanort. The first world I visited on my long journey was this one. I didn’t know anything back then.

"Why won’t you wake up?”

Looking at Snow White, I remembered the words I spoke to Ven. And now, so long after that, Ven is asleep again and I have continued my long journey.

Is the person reflected in the mirror even really me? Is this what it means to face your demons?

Only your heart is hollow enough to be a demon’s.

The me inside the mirror quietly said, and then sneered. Maybe that was a version of me who had been lost to the darkness. I was still convinced I hadn’t yet succumbed to it, but what if I’d been swallowed up by the darkness after all?

My own hand reached out from inside the mirror and it pulled me in. An endless expanse stretched out before me in infinite reflection.

Maybe I just wanted to forget everything and let myself melt away into darkness—and it’s true, I really did have a moment where I thought so.

But despite everything, I would carry on. My friends needed me.


Castle of Dreams Story
“Bibbidi-Bobbidi-Boo!" by Ventus

"If you believe, the dream that you wish will come true,” Cinderella said with a smile.

That’s right, if you believe in your dreams, they’ll come true. Of course, you can’t just believe, you have to believe and make an effort to make them come true.

When I came to this world and my body had shrunk, I wondered what would happen to me. But while avoiding the cat, Lucifer, I worked together with a mouse named Jaq to help get a dress ready for Cinderella so she could go to the royal ball. Together, we watched Cinderella’s pumpkin carriage set off for the castle.

"What are your dreams, Ven?” Jaq asked, still staring out at the shining castle.

I wonder... Well, my dream is to become a Keyblade Master alongside Terra and Aqua. It’s not just my dream, it’s all of ours.

"I hope your dream comes true, too.”

"I just need to keep on believing, right?”

As I answered Jaq, Terra and Aqua came to mind. As long as we had faith, it would all be fine. And I had faith in the two of them.

And thus far, I’ve continued believing that, I think.

Since long, looong ago—since before I even awoke, I had long believed. Believed in my dream.


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On 3/15/2020 at 2:07 AM, Xavlas said:

The first world that Aqua visit was Castle of dreams or not? Sorry about my English...

It was, I think it was just a translation error. It could easily be changed to "This was ONE OF the first worlds I visited on my journey..." or something like that.

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3 hours ago, Hero of Light XIV said:

It was, I think it was just a translation error. It could easily be changed to "This was ONE OF the first worlds I visited on my journey..." or something like that.

It's true, thanks!

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